You’re Not Alone! Jonah 2:1-2

Jonah 2:1-2

1 And Jonah prayed to (The Lord) Yahweh, his God, from the belly[1] of the fish, 2 and said,

“In my distress[2], I called to (The Lord) Yahweh,

And he answered me.

I cried out for help[3] from the belly[4] of Sheol[5] (which is hell, or the grave),

(And) you heard my voice.


Jonah discovered that, even in the worst situation of his life, he wasn’t alone.  He finally turned to the Lord Yahweh, instead of running away from Him.  In his position of weakness and helplessness, he prayed to Yahweh, and there is a plethora of things that come to mind:

  1. a) He was in the belly of the fish, and, even there, God was with Jonah.  There’s no place that I can escape from God.
  2. b) God wasn’t angry with Jonah.  Instead, God answered him.  Scripture doesn’t just say that He heard, but that He answered.  God doesn’t just listen to my prayers, but he responds… He answers.  My relationship with God is meant to be two-way… and if it’s not, God’s not the one who’s at fault.
  3. c) Jonah cried out in his distress… and one assumes regret for not doing what God wanted.  God finally had Jonah in a place where He could use him…. And that’s where Yahweh wants me (not in the belly of a fish, but surrendered to Him).
  4. d) No matter how bad my situation, I can call out to Yahweh, God, and He will hear and answer.


Father, please help me in all the things I’m praying for.  Please take the weight of the load.  I give it to you.  Please open my ears, so that I hear Your voice, and please help me to obey.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen

[1] מֵעֶהmeʿah – Strongs 4578 – (n . m) – “viscera/internal organs/inward parts/heart/bowels/intestines/belly/inward parts/digestive organs/organs of procreation/womb/place of emotions or distress or love/external belly/anguish”

[2] “I called from distress to me” – צָרָה – tsarah – Strongs 6869 – (n . f) – “distress/distresses/trouble/troubles/calamity/anguish/affliction/rival wife/competitor/straits/adverity/vexer/rival wife”

[3] שָׁוַעshavaʿ – Strongs 7768 – (v) – “to cry our (for help)/shout/plead for relief/ask for something in desperation/call for help/cried/cried for help/shout for help”

[4] בֶּטֶןbeten – Strongs 990 – (n . f) – “belly/womb/body/abdomen/hunger/craving/seat of hunger/heart”

[5] שְׁאֹולshâʾowl/shâol – “Sheol/hell/underworld/Hades/the grave/a place under the earth where the dead live”