Wake Up! Jonah 1:6-7

Jonah 1:6-7


6 And the commander[1] of the seamen[2] approached him and said to him, “How (can) you be asleep[3]?  Get up (and) call to your God.  Perhaps, God will think[4] of us, and we won’t perish.


7 And (each) man said to the other, “Come, and let the lot fall, so we can know (why) this evil is upon us…”  (Then) they cast lots, and the lot fell upon Jonah.


Jonah may have been happy to sleep.  However, the ship’s captain wasn’t quite so enamoured by the idea.  They were all up on the deck, praying, while Jonah didn’t seem to care.  He told Jonah to get up, and call on his God… perhaps Jonah’s God was going to act in response.

Naturally enough, Jonah didn’t want to call on God.  In all probability, unlike the other men, , Jonah had actually heard a message from God, personally.  And, in response, Jonah had decided to run away.  Little wonder he didn’t want to say much.

The crew determined that someone had done the wrong thing, and that was why they were now in so much trouble.  So, they cast lots to wee who the culprit might be, and the lot fell to Jonah.

I might be able to run from God. The problem is that when I’m running from God, I’m not going to want to talk with Him.  In addition, even though I’m running, I’ll never get away, and my rebellion will certainly catch up with me.


Father, please help me to obey You, as soon as I hear Your voice.   If there’s any area where I’ve been running away from You, or disobeying You, please show me.  Help me to think, say and do what You want.  Fill me with Your Spirit.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen