It Couldn’t happen Today! Jonah 1:14-15

Jonah 1:14-15

14 And they called out to (The Lord) Yahweh and they said, “(We) beg you, (Lord) Yahweh, please don’t let us perish[1] for the soul of this man, and don’t put innocent[2] blood on us.  Because, now, (Lord) Yahweh, You’ve done just as You pleased[3].”

15 And they picked Jonah up[4] and threw (him) down[5] into the sea.  And the sea stood[6] (still) from its raging. 16 And the men were afraid… great fear of (The Lord) Yahweh (came on them).  They offered a scrifice to (The Lord) Yahweh, and they promised[7] vows[8] (to serve Him).



I’m not sure that we can understand this predicament.  I mean, imagine being on a passenger liner, and one of the passengers, in a bad storm, says, “Throw me overboard, and the sea will calm down.”  The captain would be called, the passenger put in a straight-jacket, and the captain would order him to be locked in his cabin for his own safety until the vessel reached port… even if the ship and all those on board were at risk from the wind and waves.

Still, these seamen asked God not to hold them accountable to Jonah’s blood, and begged Yahweh not to let them perish.  Then, next thing, Jonah was in their arms and being thrown over the railing into the sea, with the words from the men, saying, “Yahweh, you’ve done just as You pleased!” … and the sea immediately calmed down.

Yahweh is in control of every situation, whether natural, self-inflicted, or caused by others.  Jonah had run from God, causing the storm.  It would appear that God told him that he should be thrown into the sea… but I notice he didn’t just jump overboard.  Then the crew of the ship tossed him to the sharks, so to speak.  It doesn’t matter what I’ve done, or what happens to me, God is still with me, and He is able to rescue me.


Father, I need You so badly.  I need Your direction.  I need Your encouragement.  I need dreams and vision for the future.  I need Your supply, Your healing, and for You to work in me and in those around me.  Please let me know Your presence.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen

[1] אָבַד – ’abad – Strongs 6 – (v) – “perish/vanish/go astray/strayed/wandering/be destroyed/exterminated/blot out/not exist/die/be exterminated/put to death/squander/enemies/foes/enemy to your enemies/be lost/expel”

[2] נָקִי, נָקִיאnaqiy, naqiyʾ – Strongs 5355 – (adj) – “clean/free from/exempt/clear/innocent/free from guilt/free from punishment/free from obligation/go unpunished/guiltless”

[3] חָפֵץ, חָפַץchaphets – Strongs 2654 – (v) – “desire/delight/take pleasure/enjoy/affair/event/matter/favours/have any pleasure/pleased/wish/take pleasure”

[4] נָשָׂאnasaʾ, nacah – Strongs 5375 – (v) – “lift up/carry/take/bear/be carried/exalt/take away/forgive/incur/rise up/rouse/bring upon/be arrogant/provide/take up/raise/suffer/respect/honour/support/provide/take up/long for”

[5] טוּלtuwl – Strongs 2904 – “to hurl/cast/to throw away/carry away/hurl/to throw/cast/cast out/to be hurled/hurled down/best thrown/cast down/be thrown down”

[6] עָמַדʿamad – Strongs 5975 – (v) – “to present/be presented/be in charge/prop up/sustain/accuse/be still/endure/to stand/to remain/endure/take one’s stand/be in a standing attitude/be steadfast/stand forth/tarry/delay/continue/stand up/rise up/be erect/present (someone) before//appoint/ordain/establish”

[7] נָדַרnadar – “to vow/make a vow/vow a vow/make a binding promise/made/takes/vow/vowed/vows/you will vow”

[8] נֵדֶרneder – Strongs 5088 – (n . m) – “vow/vows/votive offering/free will offering”