A Few Thoughts Jonah 1:12-13

Jonah 1:12-13

12 And he said to them, “Pick me up[1] and throw me down[2] into the sea, and the sea will become calm[3] against[4] you, because I know, this great storm[5] is boiling[6] against you beacuause of me. 13 And the men rowed[7] for dry land[8], but they weren’t able, because the sea was moving and stormy against them.


Some things to note:

  1. a) Jonah owned up to the problem.  He took accountability for his disobedience.  No matter what I do, I will always be in God’s will when I speak the truth and own up to my mistakes.  Only God is perfect, and I’m not God.
  2. b) I assume that Jonah heard from God before he told the men to throw him into the sea.  I’m not sure that it was an easy solution, and you don’t hear that Jonah objected hard when they decided to try even harder to reach dry land.  When God speaks, I mightn’t like what He says, but I’ll always be better off by obeying Him.
  3. c) Jonah prophesied that the sea would become calm come once they’d thrown him in it.  The sea was raging against everyone on the ship, not just Jonah.  Sometimes the storm may be in my life because of the actions of someone else.  I need to seek God as to what to do in every situation, and remember that His peace is with me, even in the storm.


Father, thank you that You are with me, and that You that You will never leave me nor forsake me.  Thank you that You are with me whether I’ve caused the problem, or whether someone else has caused it, and, either way, you are working it all together for good.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen

[1] נָשָׂאnasaʾ, nacah – Strongs 5375 – (v) – “lift up/carry/take/bear/be carried/exalt/take away/forgive/incur/rise up/rouse/bring upon/be arrogant/provide/take up/raise/suffer/respect/honour/support/provide/take up/long for”

[2] טוּלtuwl – Strongs 2904 – “to hurl/cast/to throw away/carry away/hurl/to throw/cast/cast out/to be hurled/hurled down/best thrown/cast down/be thrown down”

[3] שָׁתַק – shathaq – Strongs 9284 – (v) – “become calm/quiet/quiets down/to be quiet/be silent/grow calm/grow calm after a storm/die down/grow peaceful/become quiet/

[4] מִן, מִנִּי, מֵעַלmin, minniy – Strongs 4880 – (prep) – “from/than/away from/some/from out of/among/too/after/besides/because/toward/above/agaisnt/on the side of/so that not/from/since/after/made of/made from/on account of/above/either… or/some of/more than/too much for/part of/because of/than/by means/since/more than/no more/rather than” +  עַל, עַל־כֵּן, עַל־מוּתʿal – Strongs 5921 – (prep) – “upon/among/before/toward/against/when/during/in additions to/on the ground of/according to/on account of/on behalf of/concerning/beside/together with/beyond/above/over/notwithstanding/next/at/down upon/down from/up to/from/because that/although/under”

[5] סַעַר  –סְעָרָה  – ca‘ar, câ‘arah – Strongs 5591 – (n . m or f) – “tempest/storm/whirlwind/galeviolent weather storm/hurricane/ storm with focus on whirling wind that causes destruction”

[6] בָּשַׁלbashal – Strongs 1310 – “boil/cook/roast/bake/ripen/grow ripe/be boiled/be sodden/brought to ripeness/boiled at all/produced ripe/seethe”

[7] חָתַרchathar – Strongs 2864 – (v) – “to dig/dug/to row/rowed/dig through. Dig down/dig into”

[8] יַבָּשָׁהyabbashah – Strongs 3004 – (n . f) – “dry land/dry ground/land”