A Slow Trip Through Genesis

Genesis 1:1-2

1 In a beginning, God created the heavens[1] and the earth. 2 And the earth was a wasteland and empty[2].  Darkness was over the face of the deep (sea), and the Spirit of God was hovering[3] over the face of the waters.


It’s good to be back in Genesis.  The Hebrew title is (in English) “In a beginning,” or “b,” which is purely the first word of the text.  The Hebrew doesn’t say in “the” (which would be בָּ “ba”) beginning, but in “a” beginning (which is be בְּ – depicted by the differing symbols under the letter, unless the whole sentence is treated as a construct chain, of which there are few examples, but Hosea 1:2 is one).

So, in a beginning of earth, skies, time and the universe as we know it, God created everything.  However, the earth was a wasteland, empty, formless, nothing and in confusion, and it was empty, void and a waste… two different words in the Hebrew.  Darkness was over the deep (presumably sea) and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

Here, we also see the presence of what Christian theology calls “The Trinity” … God the Father, who created, Jesus the Son, through whom nothing was made that has been made, and the Holy Spirit, hovering over the waters in anticipation of what was about to happen.

God created everything.  If God is God and Creator, doesn’t He know how to care for creation?  Doesn’t He know what’s best for all He’s made?  Doesn’t He know how to repair and maintain every part of everything He’s made, including everything relating to me?  Therefore, my challenge is to trust Him and to get to know Him.


Father, thank you for Your creation.  Thank you that You made me, but help me to remember that creation revolves around You, and not me.  However, Father, You know my heart, and I need You desperately. In Jesus’ name.  Amen

[1] שָׁמַיִם – shamayim, shameh – Strongs 8064 – “heaven/heavens/sky/visible heavens/visible universe/atmosphere/abode of the stars/compass/earth/heaven and the highest/heaven and the highest heavens/heaven of heavens/heavenly/highest heavens/horizons”

[2] בֹּהוּ – bohuw – Strongs 922 – (N . m) – “emptiness/void/waste/an emptiness that shows lack of order”

[3] רָחַף, רָחַף – rachaph – Strongs 7363 – (v) – “to hover/tremble/shake quiver … to grow soft/relax/tremble/shake/quiver [Qal] … to hover [Piel]