Restored to Life

Genesis 7:22-24

22 All that (had) the breath[1] of the spirit of life in its nostrils[2], of all that (were) on dry land[3], died. 23 And He wiped out every living thing[4][5], which (was) on the face of the ground, from mankind to the animals, to the creeping things and to the birds of the skies … and they were wiped out from the earth, and only Noah and those with him in the ark were left. 24 And the waters overcame[6] on the earth (for) one hundred and fifty days.


The stress of these last few verses in Genesis chapter seven relates to the absolute destruction of every living thing from dry land that wasn’t in the ark with Noah.  Every single thing that breathed perished in the flood waters, which covered the entire earth for one hundred and fifty days, or about five months… and this was after a month of rain for forty days and forty nights building up the water.  Accordingly, that water was on the earth, and Noah was in the ark for over six months by the end of this time.

V23 also is a challenging one, because it doesn’t actually just say that every living thing was wiped out, but it actively says that He, referring to Yahweh, wiped out every living thing.  God’s judgement does come… I’m not a fire and brimstone person, but let me say that God does bring his judgement… the Bible is either true, or it isn’t… and God brings some things upon people that we would rather pin on His enemy.

Only Noah and those with him were left.  God is always about restoration of His remnant.   And, in Christ Jesus, the church becomes the remnant restored into eternal life.


Father, I’m still asking for you to set me on fire.  Holy Spirit, please fill me with Your desires, and especially Your desires for the lost.  Please remove all fear, doubt, unbelief and all deadness caused by past failure or accusation.  Please give me a fresh desire to see Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] נִשְׁמָה – nishmah – Strongs 5396 – (n . f) – “life-breath/breath/spirit”

[2] אַף, אַפַּיִם – ʾaph – Strongs 639 – (n . m) – “nostril/nose/face/anger”

[3] חָרָבָה – charabah – Strongs 2724 – (n . f) – “dry land/dry ground/dry/solid land in contrast to a body of water”

[4] יְקוּם – yâquwm – Strongs 3351 – (n . m) – “living substance/that which stands or exists/existence/substance/living thing/living creature/domestic animal/what stood or rose up”

[5] מָחָא, מָחָה, מָחָה, מָחָה – machah – “to wipe/blott out/destroy/exterminate/blotted out/blotted/wipe/wipe away/wash off/strike/full of marrow/be filled with marrow/border on/continue along”

[6] גָּבַר – gabar – Strongs 1396 – (v)  – “show oneself arrogant/rise/overwhelmed/be greater/win over/triumph over/prevail/have strength/be mighty/confirm/give strength/make strong/strengthen/show oneself mighty/act proudly (towards God).