It’s Always about Trusting God

Genesis 7:15-18

15 They came to Noah, to the ark, two (by) two from all flesh that (had) the spirit of life in it, 16 and (they were) coming, male and female.  They came from all flesh just as God commanded and (The Lord) Yahweh shut behind[1] it.17 And it happened (that) the flood was on the earth (for) forty days and the waters increased greatly and they lift up[2] the ark and it raised[3]  above the earth. 18 And the waters overcame[4] and increased greatly over the earth, and the ark went over the face of the earth.


God does what is impossible for man to do.  It’s hard enough for me to try and catch one horse in order to ride it.  How difficult would it have been for Noah and co to catch at least a pair of everything that existed and breathed!

The thing is Noah was willing to obey.  He built the ark and collected the food.  However, when the time came, God brought the animals to Noah.  God looks for my availability and obedience.  He can, and did, use a donkey, and He will use me if am available at the right time.

God brought the animals two by two to Noah.  I don’t have to be out there trying to make things happen, above and beyond the last thing I was told to do.  I may even know what’s supposed to happen, but I need to trust God to do it, even if it seems unlikely or there needs to be a miracle.

After forty days, the flood was over the earth, but then they grew in magnitude…. The ark was lifted up and floated across the face of the earth.  If Noah hadn’t built the boat God would have found another way, but Noah would have been lost.  I need to believe in Jesus for myself, but God brings the harvest, not me, and I have no reason left to condemn myself if I’m in Christ Jesus.


Father, thank you that You do what is impossible for me and impossible for mankind.  Thank you that the work I do is conducive to bringing about Your plan.  However, thank you also that Your rescue doesn’t rely on me at all.  You bring those You want to save, you bring the right season for salvation and You provide all that is necessary to do the impossible…

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] בַּעַד, בַּעַד – ʿad – Strongs 1157 – (preposition) – “behind/through/round about/on behalf of/away from/about/over/for/what concerns”

[2] נָשָׂא – nasaʾ, nacah – Strongs 5375 – (v) – “lift up/carry/take/bear/be carried/exalt/take away/forgive/incur/rise up/rouse/bring upon/be arrogant/provide/take up/raise/suffer/respect/honour/support/provide/take up/long for”

[3] רוּם – ruwm, rum – Strongs 7311 – (v) – “lift high/be exalted/cause to lift/raise up against/rise in rebellion/take action/increased/present an offering/saves/deliver/be presented/haughtiness/height/elevation/loftiness”

[4] גָּבַר – gabar – Strongs 1396 – (v)  – “show oneself arrogant/rise/overwhelmed/be greater/win over/triumph over/prevail/have strength/be mighty/confirm/give strength/make strong/strengthen/show oneself mighty/act proudly (towards God).