I Need Rest

Genesis 7:7-10


The first seventh day in Genesis mentioned in the Bible was the day that God rested.  The second seventh day was the day that flood waters started to cover the earth.

I hope it’s not taking things too far, but it speaks to me of my need to enter God’s rest.  If I don’t I’ll be treading water… well destroyed by what should have lifted me up.  My picture is the ark being lifted up in relative peace while those who refused God’s friendship perished.  It’s the overview of the gospel message, too… Those who accept Jesus enter into eternal life, while those who reject Him perish.

God caused the animals to come to Noah in pairs, the clean, the unclean and the creepy things… male and female, so that they’d all be preserved from extinction.

God saved Noah, his sons, his wife and his sons wives, along with a remnant of each animal species on the earth.

God has put me here to be like Noah in this generation, saving, not animals, but people.  God is real and God is reaching out.  It’s not His desire that any should perish, but He uses people, like me, to bring people into life.


Father, please set me on fire with Your Spirit.  Please give me the same passion that You have to see people rescued from the powers of hell and darkness.  Please give me a fresh revelation of Jesus and what He’s done for me.  Please help me to take my eyes off the things of this world, and to focus on the things of heaven.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

7 And Noah, his sons, his wife and his sons’ wives came to the ark from before the flood waters. 8 From the clean animals, from the animals that were not clean, from the birds and from all that was creeping on the earth… 9 two (by) two they came to Noah to the ark… male and female, just as God had commanded Noah. 10 And it happened on the seventh day, the flood waters were on the earth.