God Loves an Act of Faith

Genesis 7:3-6

3 Also (take) seven[1] from the birds of the skies… seven male[2] and female[3] to keep (their) seed alive on the face of the whole earth, 4 because (it’s) still seven days, (and) I’ll cause (it) to rain[4] on the earth forty days and forty nights, and I’ll wipe out[5] every living thing[6] that I made from the face of the ground. 5 And Noah did according to all that (the Lord) Yahweh commanded.6 And Noah (was) a son of six hundred years and the flood of water happened over the earth.


Noah is fast becoming my faith hero… perhaps of all time.  He did everything that God said, but without any precedent of God acting of fulfilling His word.  He didn’t ask, “What happens if it doesn’t rain?  What are we going to do with all the food if we get it in there and there’s no animals that come? Or what are we going to do with a big boat in our backyard? … it wasn’t like Ken Ham’s Ark Experience would have any meaning unless God came through.

Noah, with his wife and six other family members, seven pair of all the clean animals, seven pair of each bird species, and a pair of every other animal… plus enough food to keep them all alive for year were all to be gathered into the biggest sea-faring craft to be built (the first for all we know), and not to be outdone in size and capacity for six thousand years. In addition, it was made to the most stable dimensions (I’m told) of any ship ever built in any age.

The simple take away is that God can be trusted, and that He may well ask me to do things that seem impossible to me.  Therefore, my role is to make sure it’s God speaking, then I’m to listen to Him, and to do exactly what He says.


Well, Dad, I’m not very good at hearing or obeying, BUT I want to be.  Please help me to change.  Please speak loudly and clearly, and help me to act with courage on Your word.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] Hebrew says literally “seven seven male”

[2] אִישׁ – ʾiysh – Strongs 376 – (n . m) – “man/male/husband/human being/person/servant/mankind/champion/great man/whosoever/each/anyone”

[3] אִ׳שָּׁה – ishshah – Strongs 802 – (n . f) – “waman/wife/each/female/every/marriage/married/wives/women/queen (i.e. wife of a king)

[4] מָטָר – matar – Strongs 4306 – (n . m) – “rain/downpour//weather condition wher water drops fall from the sky/rainsquall/strong shower of rain/heavy rain

[5] מָחָא, מָחָה, מָחָה, מָחָה – machah – “to wipe/blott out/destroy/exterminate/blotted out/blotted/wipe/wipe away/wash off/strike/full of marrow/be filled with marrow/border on/continue along”

[6] יְקוּם – yâquwm – Strongs 3351 – (n . m) – “living substance/that which stands or exists/existence/substance/living thing/living creature/domestic animal/what stood or rose up”