First Mention of Floating Restaurant

Genesis 6:20-22

20 From the birds according to their species[1] and from the animals according to their species[2] from each of the creeping things[3] of the ground according to its species[4], two from each are to come to come to you to keep (them) alive. 21 And you, take for yourself from all the food that will be eaten and gather (it) together[5] to yourself, and it will be for you and for them to eat…

22 And Noah did all that God commanded him.   That’s what he did.


Talk about fist mention of a floating restaurant, a cruise ship and the world’s first major hospitality and animal rescue enterprise.

Noah had to assemble two of every creature on the face of the earth, and then provide enough food to keep them alive during the flood.

Once again, I don’t know whether to focus on the enormity or the, humanly speaking, impossibility of the task.  Assuming the whole family all became involved, I can’t imagine the effort involved in getting all the food together, let alone building the biggest ship to exist on earth for the first six thousand years of its and man’s existence.

However, when Jesus was speaking about people’s salvation, and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

If God says to do it, then it can be done, and the only limitations are belief and obedience.  Once again, this is a question of whether I am willing to believe and obey, not a question about whether I can or I can’t.  The big Question is whether I hear God, believe Him, and then am prepared to do what He says?  My success has nothing to do with ability, but everything to do with trust and willingness to obey.


Father, please let me hear You voice.  Please give me the passion I need to do the seemingly impossible things that You want me to do.  Help me to just do what You want, and I surrender all the things that I might want that don’t fit in Your schedule.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] מִין – miyn – Strongs 4327 – (n . m) – “kind/kinds/species/class”

[2] מִין – miyn – Strongs 4327 – (n . m) – “kind/kinds/species/class”

[3] רֶמֶשׂ – remes – Strongs 7431 – “creeping things/moving things/gliding things/moving things (in the sea or on the land)/swarms”

[4] מִין – miyn – Strongs 4327 – (n . m) – “kind/kinds/species/class”

[5] אָסַף, מְאַסֵּף – ʾacaph – Strongs 622 – (v) – “gather/remove/gather in/collect/bring up the rear/gather and take away/withdraw/to be brought in/to be brought into/to take in/receive into/rearguard/rearward/to be gathered/to gather oneself or themselves”