God Saves

Genesis 6:17-19

17 Look[1], I’m bringing a flood of water over the earth to destroy[2] all flesh that (has) breath of life in it from under the heavens… all that(’s) on the earth will breathe its last breath[3]. 18 And I’ll cause to my legally binding agreement to rise up with you and you’ll come to the ark… you, your sons, your wife and your sons’ wives with you. 19 And from all living (things), you’re to bring from all flesh, two from each (kind), to the ark to keep (them) alive with you… they’re to be a male[4]  and a female[5].


God then said three main things to Noah:

  1. That He, God, was bringing a flood over the whole earth to kill every living thing on it.  Everything that breathed was going to perish.
  2. God was going to raise up a covenant, a legally binding agreement with Noah.
  3. Noah was to enter the ark with his family… his wife, his sons and his sons’ wives.  Then he was to take a mated pair from every species of living thing on the earth, and bring them into the ark to live with them.

The mind boggles, to say the least, when confronted by the enormity of Noah’s task, the questions around what might have happened during the construction and even throughout the boarding process… even down to the fact that, out of all the people on earth, only eight were saved.

There appears to be significant geological evidence that a worldwide flood occurred.  However, the challenge really hasn’t changed much from Noah’s time until now.  The real question is whether I will believe God’s word, or not?


Father, please help me to believe Your word and to trust You.  I have no hope of life other than in You and through You grace.  Please let me know You better and please reveal more of who You are to me.  I cry to You, and, with all the faith I can muster, I say that You always answer me.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] הִנֵּה – hinneh – Strongs 2009 – (dem) – “Behold!/indeed/Here!/Look!/There!/See!/lo/if/a call to attention/go/how/if/if he sees/if he has/now/surely/unless”

[2] שָׁחַת – shachath – Strongs 7843 –  (v) – “to destroy/destroyed/destroyer/act corruptly/acted corruptly/to corrupt/ruin/ravaged/marred/blemished/become corrupt/be injured/be ruined/to pervert/spoiled/destroying/blemish animal/go to ruin/devastate/filled/harm/jeopardise/laid waste/polluted/raiders/ravage/ravaged/set/spoiled/stifled/waste/easted/wreaking destruction/become corrupt”

[3] גָּוַע – gavaʿ – “breathed his last/to expire/to die/give up the ghost/yield up the ghost/be dead/be ready to die/be about to die/die”

[4] זָכָר – zakar Strongs 2145 – (n . m) “male… human or animal/males/man/boy/son”

[5] נְקֵבָה – nâqebah – Strongs 5347 – (n . f) – “female/woman/womengirl/female child/female animal”