Into The Light

Genesis 1:17-19

17 And God put[1] them in the expanse[2] of heaven[3] for light on the land, 18 and to rule[4] in the day and in the night, and for (making a) distinction[5] between the light and the darkness…and God saw that (it was) good. 19 And (there) was evening and (there) was morning… the fourth day.


God literally gave light in the expanse of heaven in order to light the land, and to rule over the day and night.  Light determines how long the day is, and thereby governs how we live, work, sleep and exist.  Light divides light from darkness and makes the distinction between night and day… and God saw that it was good!

Then, there was another evening and another morning, and four days had passed by already.

Light is way more important than just being a facility by which to see.  Light is pictured as righteousness and good, while darkness is depicted as evil.  Light not only separates day from night, but righteousness from unrighteousness, and good from evil.

It’s no accident, in the second creation, that of me being made a new creation in Christ, that I’m also called “the light of the world.”  There should be something about my life that brings a sense of light and righteousness, and divides between darkness and evil.


Father God, You’re my Light and my Salvation. You’re my Hope and my Strong Tower.  I need the shelter of Your wings and the protection of Your power.  Please equip me for today and to live in Your righteousness.  Please keep me from temptation and deliver me from evil.  Help me to know my authority in Christ Jesus, and to walk in it with power. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] נָתַן – nathan – Strongs 5414 – (v) – “give/put set/grant/permit/bestow/grant/permit/ascribe/employ/devote/consecrate/dedicate/pay wages/sell/exchange/lend/commit/entrust/give over/deliver up/yield produce/occasion/utter/assign/produce/requite to/report/mention/utter/stretch out/extend/allow/cause/put/set/put in/put upon/appoint/assign/designate/to be given/to be bestowed/be provided/be entrusted/to be granted/be permitted/be issued/be published/be uttered/be assigned/to be set/be put/be made/be inflicted/be given/be delivered up/be put upon/add/added/applied/apportioned/bring/bring down/hand over/lift/marry off/offered/render/sent/speaks forth/traded/turned/used/wholly given/yielded/yields/yours”

[2] רָקִיעַ – raqiyaʿ– Strongs 7549 – (n . m) – “extended surface/expanse/firmament (N.B. the ancient Hebrews thought the sky was solid and therefor able to support the waters above), expanse of heaven/expanse of the sky”

[3] שָׁמַיִם – shamayim, shameh – Strongs 8064 – “heaven/heavens/sky/visible heavens/visible universe/atmosphere/abode of the stars/compass/earth/heaven and the highest/heaven and the highest heavens/heaven of heavens/heavenly/highest heavens/horizons”

[4] מָשַׁל – mashal – Strongs 4910 – (v) – “to rule/ruler/rulers/rules/ruling/dominion/gain control/govern/had charge/have authority/master/obtain dominion/really going to rule/wielded/make one a ruler/control/be in charge/have dominion over/have dominion/reign/to cause to rule/to exercise dominion”

[5] בָּדַל – badal – Strongs 9194 – (v) – “to divide/separate//sever/set apart/male a distinction/difference/divide into parts/separate oneself from/to withdraw from/to separate oneself unto/to be separated/to be excluded/dismiss/defect/be expelled/exclude/distinguish”