Upon God’s Instruction

Genesis 6:15-16

15 And this (is) what(’s to happen): you’ll now make the ark three hundred cubits (which is about 148 metres) long fifty cubits (which is about 38 metres) wide[1] and thirty cubits[2] (which is about 17.5 metres) high[3]. 16 You’re to make a roof[4] for the ark and finish[5] it to a cubit (which is about 46cm) above (the ark), and you’re to put and opening of the ark in its side[6].  You’re to make lower[7], second and third (decks).


Upon God’s instruction, Noah commenced the project of building probably the first boat ever created.  Logically, not having built a boat before, having never see rain, or a flood, or having had any relevant training, he started on a craft that was 138 metres long… so, one and a half football fields in length, 38 metres wide… 80% of the length of an Olympic swimming pool wide, and 17.5 metres high… so, the size of a four story building… and it had three decks, a roof, potentially with a vent of around half a metre between the tops of the walls and the roof.  It also had an opening in the side as a doorway.

It took until 1888 for a bigger ship to be recorded in history… That’s how big Noah’s ark was!   When God designs something, it’s substantial, and when god does something through a person, it’s miraculous.

When God really does something through me, it will necessarily be something that I couldn’t do by myself…  It’s why, from time to time, God does give me more than I could handle… Otherwise, why would I need God?  God wants me to both trust Him and to obey Him… I’m not to try to work out the logic… just to do what He says, His way.


Father, I need You to change me so that I hear Your voice and do what You want in the way that You want it done.  I need You in everything, and I ask that I might see what You are doing in heaven and do that thing on earth.  Fill me with Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] רָחַב – rachab – Strongs 7342 – “broad/arrogant/wide/enlarge/roomy/boast/be joyful/find relief/create an opportunity/greedy/broader/extensive/proud/spacious/vast”

[2] אַמָּה, אַמָּה – ʾammah – Strongs 520 – “cubit/measure of distance… approximately 18”, although there are varying cubits in the Bible… the common cubit or man’s cubit/the legal or sancturary cubit & others/a measure of distance/measure”

[3] קֹומָה – qowmah – Strongs 6967 – (n) – “height/stature/highness/length of something/height of his stature/high/very high”

[4] צֹהַר, צָהֳרַיִם – tsohar – Strongs 6672 – (n . m or f) ­– “noon/midday/noonday/roof… this secondary meaning is uncertain.. and translated roof or window, referring to Noah’s ark”

[5] כָּלָה – kalah – Strongs 3615 – (v) –  “finish/finished/consume/completed/accomplish/cease/consume/fail/be ended/be finished/put an end to/be destroyed/be wasted away/make an end/be ended/be complete/be plotted/to be spent/be used up/to waste away/be exhausted/vanish/perish/be destroyed/fulfill/bring to pass/accomplish/determine/exhaust/use up/spend/wear out/yearn/long for/be bent on/be full/grow weary/be concluded/be gone/complete destruction/wear out” … to be complete/to be at an end/to be completed/to be finished/be accomplished/be fulfilled/be determined/be plotted (in a bad sense)/to be spent/to be used up/to waste away/to be exhausted/to come to an end/to vanish/to perish/to be destroyed/be gone/to no longer exist/fulfil/hanging over [Qal] … to complete/to bring to an end/finish/to make an end/to end/to accomplish/to fulfil/to bring to pass/to determine/to put an and to/to cause to cease/to cause to fail/exhaust/use up/spend/destroy/exterminate /grow weary/wipe out/ravage/eliminate/consume [Piel] … to be finished/be ended/be completed/to be concluded/be full/be completely occupied [Pual]

[6] צַד, צַד – tsad – “side/flank/beside/hip/side on side/side to the other/snare/trap”

[7] תַּחְתִּי – tachtiy – Strongs 8482 – “low/lower/lowest/lower parts/beneath/underneath/depths/foot/low point”