Favour In God’s Eyes

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Genesis 6:6-8

6 And (The Lord) Yahweh was sorry[1] because he made man in the earth, and He was upset[2] to His heart. 7 And (The Lord) Yahweh said, “I’ll wipe out[3] man that I created from the face of the earth, from man to the animals, to the creeping things and to the birds of the skies, because I’m sorry that I made them.”

8 But Noah found favour in the eyes of (The Lord) Yahweh.


This passage has always puzzled me, and I’m not sure that I get it, even to this day.  How could God, who knew everything in advance, be hurt to the core by something He knew was going to happen?

It seems that his relationship with man is much more than something based on facts and happenings.  Somehow, despite the anticipated failure, The Father was quite literally “Upset to His heart.”

I guess, as a father, I realised that my children would mess up… I sure did (oh, my poor parents!) … still I hoped against hope that they wouldn’t make the same mistakes as I did, and as they matured, there was little I could do or say to change their adult decisions.  (Praise God for prayer and its answers!!)  That being the case, I can understand that God might feel like he could wipe them out and do without children, or start again… as confusing as that might be…

However, thank God for verse 8… But Noah found favour in Yahweh’s eyes.

My desire ought to be one where I crave the favour of Father God.  There is no greater quest than to know his pleasure.


Father, please help me to search for You and find You.  I commit my whole life to You.  I have no other focus of greater importance and I ask you to change me so that I might bring You pleasure in all I think, say and do.  Yes, Father God, I’m praying for a miracle.  I desire to be more like You.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] נָחַם – nacham – Strongs 5162 – (v) – “comforted/to be in a state of finding a measure of relief/to be sorry/console/repent/change one’s mind/be grieved/relent/regret/rue/have compassion/ease oneself/avenge oneself … to be sorry/be moved to pity/have compassion/rue/suffer grief/repent/to comfort oneself/ease oneself [Nifal] …to comfort/console [Piel] … be comforted/be consoled [Pual] … to be sorry/have compassion/rue/repent of/comfort onself/be comforted/to ease oneself [Hitpael]”

[2] עָצַב – ʿatsab – “shape/fashion/form/stretch into shape/copy/make an image/serve/worship/distressed/distort/crossed/grieved/hurt/pain/vex/torture/properly train/injured/twist/distort/be in pain/to feel grieved/be vexed/serve/worship”

[3] מָחָא, מָחָה, מָחָה, מָחָה – machah – “to wipe/blott out/destroy/exterminate/blotted out/blotted/wipe/wipe away/wash off/strike/full of marrow/be filled with marrow/border on/continue along”