Nothing Has Changed

Genesis 6:4-5

4 The giants[1] were in the earth in the those[2] days, and also, after this, the sons of God would come to the daughters of man and they fathered the strong men of old[3] to them, men (who made a) name (for themselves).5 And (The Lord) Yahweh saw that the evil of mankind was great in the earth, and all the motivation[4] of the thoughts[5] of his heart were only evil all day.


Unfortunately, nothing much has changed in six thousand years when it comes to the behaviour of mankind.  There are still giants in the land.  Admittedly, they make a lot of money playing basketball, and some of them are fine Christian men, quite unlike these Nephilim, the Hebrew word for giants.  It seems these ancient giants were focused on picking attractive women and fathering children, who were also strong, brave men who made a name for themselves… not a good name, by the sounds, more infamous than famous.

The end result was that God was watching on, but they had forgotten about that.  In fact, by that time, I doubt that most of them even believed in God or that He made the earth… as I said, not much has changed.  Anyway, Yahweh saw the great evil of mankind on the earth, and that all the motivations of the thoughts or plans in his heart were evil.

Jesus put it this way, that out of our heart come evil thoughts, murders… and lots of other nasties…  The heart of man isn’t such a good thing without Jesus… The flood may have come, but it didn’t remove the evilness of the heart.


Father, I need heart surgery from You.  I want to be renewed and I ask that any place where I’m not submitted to and aligned with You, You will bring Your scalpel of correction.  It’s not that I relish the pain, just that I don’t want to miss out on all that You have for me.  Yahweh, here I am, please send me.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] הְפִלִים – nâphiliym – Strongs 5303 – (n . m) – “giants/Nephiliym… there were two lots of Nephiliym, one priot to the flood and the othe noted in Joshua’s time, when spyinh out ythe land with the oth 11 for Moses.”.

[2] הֵם, הֵמָּה, ־הֵמָה   – hem, hemmah – “they/these/the same/who/reference to who or what it’s about/which/themselves/abundance/clamour/wealth/riches/things of value”

[3] עֹולָם – ʿowlam/ʿolam – Strongs 5769 – (n . m) – “everlasting/lasting/long duration/antiquity/old/ancient/ancient time/eternity/perpetual/indefinite or never ending future”

[4] יֵצֶר – yetser – Strongs 3336 – (n . m) – “intent/form/framing/purpose/imagination/device/pot/creation/a thing someone fashioned/a thought/inclination/motivation/handiwork/frame/mind/what/desire/what one wishes for/Jezer – Naphtali’s son”

[5] מַחֲשָׁבָה – machashabah, machashabeth – Strongs 4284 – (n . f) – “thoughts/musings/devise/plan/scheme/schemes/plot/create a design/invention/purpose/inventive/invented”