The End of Longevity

Genesis 6:1-3

1 And it happened that mankind began[1] to multiply on the face of the earth[2], and daughters were born to them. 2 And the sons of God saw in the daughters of man, that (they were) good, and they took women for themselves from all that they chose[3].

3 But (The Lord) Yahweh said, “My Spirit won’t fight[4] with mankind forever, in that he (is) also flesh, and his days will be a hundred and twenty years.”


The heading for these few verses could easily be, “The End of Longevity.

Mankind multiplied, fairly obviously forgot Yahweh in the process, and men just took up with which ever girls looked good… if “men” is the correct interpretation of what “sons of God” means, and there are several notions, although following is God’s judgement is against mankind.  Accordingly, “men” makes sense in context.

We do know that God had said that a man should leave his mother and father, and cleave to his “wife” or “woman,” same Hebrew word.  However, it would appear that one wasn’t enough.  We know that Cain’s son Lamech had at least two wives, and here, it implies that men took whichever women they chose, whoever looked good… and God wasn’t happy about it.

Yahweh’s first reaction was to limit man’s lifespan to one hundred and twenty years, because God wasn’t going to fight with man forever.

The good news in this is that man doesn’t have to live forever under the curse.  The opportunity not mentioned here is found in the birth, death and resurrection of the perfect Saviour, Jesus.  Faith in Him is restoration of life.


Father, I need Your help.  I need Your Spirit.  I need the life and joy that flows from Your presence, and I ask that I may live in and from that every day, not just in the high moment of gathering together to worship You.  Thank you for Your promise to be with me in everything.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] חָלַל, חָלַל, חָלַל – chalal – Strongs 2490 – (v) – “begin/begin to use its fruit/profane/defile/pollute/violate/desecrate/profane oneself/defile oneself/violate/treat as common/bore through/pierce/be slain/to wound/be wounded/fatally wounded/play the flute of the pipe”

[2]   אֲדָמָה – ʾadamah – Strongs 127 – (n . f) – “soil/dust/dirt/earth/ground/land/piece of land/territory/country/whole inhabited earth/regions below the ground/fields”

[3] בָּחוּר, בָּחַר – bachar – strongs 977 – (v) – “chose/chosen/test/try/probe/choice/best/to choose/elect/decide for/preferred/be chosen/selected/test/choice/enter into a covenant/be joined … to choose [Qal} … bechosen [Nifal] …be chosen/selected [Pual]”

[4] דֹּון, דּוּן, דִּין – diyn/duwn – Strongs 1777 – (v) – “to judge/defend/plead case/make judgement/plead a case/contend/struggle/to dispute/to fight legal suit/to strive/defend/execute judgement/govern/rule/argue with each other”