Enoch Walked With God

Genesis 5:21-24

21 Enoch live sixty-five years and was father to Methuselah[1]. 22 And, after becoming father to Methuselah, Noah walked with God three hundred years, and he was father to sons and daughters. 23 And all the day of Noah were three hundred and sixty-five years. 24 Noah walked with God, and (then) he wasn’t, because God took him.


This paragraph starts out the same as every other in of the genealogies in this chapter.  “Enoch lived sixty-five years and was father to Methuselah.”  However, the following sentence deviates from all the others, because it tells us how Enoch walked with God.  The context is a little unclear.  Either Methuselah was born, and then Enoch had a revelation of God and walked with him for three hundred years, or Enoch was just a holy man and lived his whole life in a godly manner, walking with God for three hundred and sixty-five years, the implication being that the rest of society was not walking with God.

The thing is that the timing doesn’t really matter.  In fact, the lack of clarity reminds me that the one who accepts Christ at an early age has no greater acceptance from God than the thief on the cross who believed at the time of his death.  What God wants is for people to recognise who He is, and walk with Him.  It’s not just a matter of obedience, although obedience is important, but it’s a principle of knowing God personally and Him knowing me.  I sure want to do that a lot better.

For Enoch, this resulted in being there one moment and not there the next, taken by God to walk with Him forever…


Father, please reveal Yourself to me.  Please help me to know You and to recognise Your voice.  I so want my life to reflect who You are, what You think and desire it to display what You want me to do…  I didn’t start out too well, but thank you so much for Your grace and mercy toward me.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] מְתוּשָׁלַח – mâthuwshalach – Strongs 4968 – (n . m proper) – “Methuselah, name of a person, Enoch’s son = ‘man of the dart’”