Genesis 5:3-5

3 Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and was father to (a son) in his likeness[1], like his image[2], and he called his name Seth. 4 And Adam’s days, after becoming father to Seth, were eight hundred years, and he was father to sons and daughters, 5 and all the days of Adam, that he lived, were nine hundred and thirty years… and he died.


Adam lived until he was nine hundred and thirty.  In fact, he was one hundred and thirty before he even fathered Seth.  After that, during the following eight hundred years, he fathered other sons and daughters…. Then Adam died… put so unceremoniously.

What can I say?  God intended Adam to live forever, so nine hundred and thirty years was a very brief in comparison…. Still, if the earth has only been around six thousand years or so, which the Bible seems to indicate, Adam actually lived for more than ten percent of earth’s entire existence.

Life has considerably shortened over the millenniums, and yet the human race continues trying to break through in longevity and retaining one’s youth.  The fact is that I’m eternal being, and the only way that I’m ever going to see and experience eternal life is through accepting God’s sacrifice, the freewill offering of Jesus, His Son, so that I can be set free from the sin, shame and death that Adam ushered in for mankind.


Father, thank you that You love me.  Thank you that You sent Jesus for me.  Thank you for forgiveness, for transformation and for eternal life.  Please help me to remember that real life is eternity with you, not striving for better and longer here on earth.  However, please provide for us while I’m here, and please make me effective in bringing Your eternal difference into the lives of others.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] דְּמוּת – dâmuwth – Strongs 1823 – (n . f) – “likeness/similitude/like as/in the likeness/image/form/builder’s draft/sketch/figurine/resembling”

[2] צֶלֶם – tselem – Strongs 6754 – (n . m) – “image/images/likeness/semblance/mere/phantom/form/empty/semblance/model/expression/image or statue of a false god”