Don’t Presume.

Genesis 4:23-24

23 And Lamech said to his wives, Adah and Zillah, “Listen to my voice, wives of Lamech! Listen to my speech… because I killed a boy[1] for wounding[2] me, for my wound[3]. 24 If Cain will be revenged[4] seven times[5], then Lamech (will be revenged) seventy-seven (times).”


God’s word can apply to everyone, a nation, a city, or an individual.  However, it’s highly unwise to take a word from God specifically for an individual, and assign it to one’s self.  Lamech had heard of the curse put on Cain for killing his brother, and he decided to kill a boy for bruising or wound him, claiming seventy-seven times the vengeance that would have come against Cain, if anyone touched him… perhaps, because he had to defend himself, or maybe because he hadn’t actually killed his own brother, or just because he thought he was more righteous the Cain… who knows?

The things is that he come home to boast about it to his wives… and who had he killed?  Well, at this stage, it had to be yet another close relative.  Sneaky seemed to be doing a great job, and the murder rate was extreme.

I’m not to presume God’s mercy when it comes to wilful disobedience.  As Paul said, it ridicules Jesus’ death and shows that I despise Him, rather than love him.  It’s because of Jesus’ kindness that I repent, i.e. change my thinking about sin and turn away from it as a result.  Wickedness says, “I can do what I like.”  while righteousness says, I’ll do what Jesus likes, even if I don’t want to do it.


Father, please help me to live Your way and to do what You want, even if it conflicts with my own interests.  Please help me to live for You, and to be excited about the things that excite You.  Please bless Your true church and its leaders.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] יֶלֶד – yeled – Strongs 3206 – (n . m) – “child/children/young men/youths/male child/son/boy/boys/lad/lads/offspring/children/young/youth/apostate Israel/one of a group”

[2] פָּצַע – patsa – Strongs 6481 – (v) “bruise/wound/bruise by wounding/be emasculated/loss of virility.. may include castration … wound/bruise/to wound by crushing [Qal] … to be emascated/castrated [Qal passive participle]”

[3] חָבֻּרָה – chabburah – Strongs 2250 – (n . f) – “bruise/stripe/wound/blow/welt/injury”

[4] נָקַם – naqam – Strongs 5358 – (v) – “seek vengeance/to avenge/take vengeance/revenge/avenge oneself/to entertain revengeful feelings/to suffer vengeance

[5] שִׁבְעָתַיִם – shibʿathayim – Strongs 7659 – (n . .f dual) – “sevenfold/seven times/seven time as much/a multiple of seven”