It Takes Care

Genesis 4:22

[1]. 22 And Zillah… she also gave birth to Tubalcain[2], the forger[3] of every craftsman[4] of bronze[5] and iron, and the sister of Tubalcain (was) Naamah[6].


Lamech’s other wife, Zillah, gave birth to Tubalcain, which means “You will be brought of Cain…” from the Hebrew verb yabal, which means to “bring, carry or lead.”  Tubalcain was the forerunner for all those who were craftsmen in bronze and iron, and his sister was called “Loveliness.”

I used to work with brass and steel, and let me tell you, it was dirty and greasy work.  What a contrast!  Tubalcain, the worker, well, the one who forged (what a great play on words) all who were craftsmen in in bronze and iron, and Namath, the picture of Loveliness.

Lamech’s family could hardly be depicted as a godly group.  However, there is a symmetry in this family as they complement the rest of the siblings with their skills and abilities… farming, creativity, metalwork (construction) and looking pretty.  When you think about it, it probably describes the bulk of enterprise today…. but they lacked care and services.

Life isn’t just about industry, but it’s about caring for others, providing healing and being there for them.  It’s great that we have so much, but the standout in the world inspired by Judeo-Christian philosophy, is that even those who are unable to care for themselves are cared for.


Father, thank you for Your love and mercy.  Thank you that You cared for me when I didn’t care for You.  Thank you that You care for me when I can’t care for myself.  Please help me to show my love for you by the way I care for others.  Please fill me, and work though me, Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen

[1] עוּגָב – ‘uwgab – Strongs 5748 – (n . m) – “musica instrument… possibly pipes/panpipes/flute/reed-pipe/bagpipe/wind instrument/organ”

[2] קַיִו תּוּבָל – Tuwbal quayin – Strongs 8423 – (n . m proper) – “Tubal Cain, name of a person, Lamek’s son to Zillah = ‘ ‘you will be brought of Cain’” – combination of תּוּבָל – Strongs 8422 (n . m proper) – “Tubal, name of Japheth’s son, Noah’s grandson, name of nation in Asia Minor, perhaps Cappadocia.. modern east-central Turkey/‘you will be brought’” + קַיִו – qayin – Strongs 7014 – (n . m proper) – “Cain, name of a person, 1st son of Adam & Eve, who killed his brother Abel – ‘posession’”

[3] לָטַשׁ – latash – Strongs 3913 – (v) – “forger/glares/sharp/aharpen/hammer/whet … to hammer/to sharpen/forge/smth [Qal] …hammerer [Qal participle] …to be sharpened [Pual]

[4] חָרָשׁ – charash – Strongs 2796 – (n . m) – “craftsman/carpenters/artisan/engraving tool/engraver/skilled craftsman/engraver/artificer/skilled to destroy/one who works and constructs with metal/manufacturers/masons/shapes/skilled/smith/workers”

[5] נְחֹשֶׁת, נְחֹשֶׁת – nâchosheth – Strongs 5178 – (n) – “copper/bronze/fetters (of copper or bronze)/bronze chains/chain/lust/harlotry/wealth, formally bronze/female genitals/menstruation/filthiness/lewdness/lust/shame”

[6] נֲעֲמָה – na‘amah – Strongs 5279 – (n . f proper) – “Naamah, nme of a person, sister of Tubalcain, Ammonite wife of Solomon, name of a town in the western foothlls of Judah = ‘lovliness’”