Here To Praise God!

Genesis 4:21

21 And the name of his brother (was) Jubal[1].  He was the father of all those who take hold[2] of the harp[3] and the pipe[4].


OK, so Jabal and Jubal both had the same name, “Stream” in English… it still happens today… my mother in law and her sister were named Amelia and Emily… both names have the same meaning.  Jabal and Jubal were brothers, and Jabal started all the nomadic farming tribes, while Jubal seems to be more creative and impractical… He started all the musicians… those who hold the harp and the pipe (i.e. a flute or recorder type instrument).  The AV calls the pipe an organ, first mention of keyboards… However, if it was an organ, it would have had to have been some sort of primitive version of a mouth organ, a wind instrument of some kind.

Now, here’s the big question… What can I ever get from God from this one verse?  Perhaps the musical instruments are mentioned because of their importance in giving praise to God.  Music stills my heart before God, and I am able to give Him the glory he deserves.  God used just the playing of the harp by David to drive away the evil spirits… so, perhaps those who were being creative and impractical in the world’s eyes were actually closer to God.  I am here to bring God praise.


Father, thank you that You would speak to my heart from such an obscure piece of scripture.  Thank you that You have put me here to praise You and to give You thanks in everything.  So, please help me to remember to do so.  You are great, Yahweh, and greatly to be praised.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] יוּבַל – yuwbal – Strongs 3106 – (n . m proper) – “Jubal, name of a person, son of Lamech and the inventor of musical instruments = ‘stream/river/watercourse/irrigation canal’”

[2] תָּפַשׂ – taphas – Strongs 8610 – (v) – “take hold of/covered/catch/handle/lay hold/seize/caught/taken/captured/catch/grasp/caught in the act/play an instrument/deal with/reap/dishonor/profane”

[3] כִּנּוֹר – kinnowr – Strongs 3658 – (n . m) – “lyre/harp/stringed instrument/lute/zither/kithara/musical instrument with a strong frame to place tension on strings as a tone and then plucked to make music”

[4] עוּגָב – ‘uwgab – Strongs 5748 – (n . m) – “musica instrument… possibly pipes/panpipes/flute/reed-pipe/bagpipe/wind instrument/organ”