Only One!

Genesis 4:19-20

19 And Lamech took two wives, the name of one (was) Adah[1] and the name of the second was Zillah[2]. 20 Adah gave birth to[3] Jabal[4].  He was the father of those living in[5] a tent and (who had) livestock[6].


In these couple of verses, we learn that Lamech chose to leave and cleave to two women, Adah and Zillah… Adah was first and Zillah was second.  First mention of having two wives, and, in my humble opinion, a direct conflict with God’s idea of leaving one’s parents and clinging to one wife… the two becoming one flesh.  I see no validity in the three becoming one flesh… Lamech got himself one too many of his ribs back, as I see it.

Adah then had a child, and his name was Jabal, translated as “stream” in English.  So “Powerful” married “Ornament” and then “Shade,” then “Ornament” gave birth to “Stream.”

Stream ended up the ancestor of all those who lived in tents and owned livestock.  So, Jabal (Stream) was a bit of a “cocky,” which is the name given to a farmer/rancher here in Australia… although he might have been more of a drover, wince they lived in tents.

What do I take away? … well, I see that God said that two, and not three, are to become one… So, I need to be careful not to allow my soul to become entwined with anyone other than my spouse (only one, at that) or there’s likely to be trouble of some kind or another.


Father, please help me to be faithful… to You, to my spouse and family, to friends, at work, and in all I think do and say.  Please change me so that I become way more like You.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] עָדָה, עָדָה – ʿadah – Strongs 5711 – (proper n . f) – “Adah, woman’s name = ‘ornament’”

[2] צִלָּה – Tsillah – Strongs 6741 – (n . f proper) – “Zillah, name of two people, the wife of Lamek and an instructor  of all artisans in bronzw and iron = ‘shade’”

[3] יָלַד, לֵדָה – yalad – Strongs 3205 – (v) – “have a child/one born/be born/impregnate/become a father to/beget/give birth/bring forth/be descended/tell of ancestry/midwife/bud/grow”

[4] יָבָל – Yabal – Strongs 2989 – (n . m proper) – “Jabal, person’s name – ‘stream/watercourse/water ditch/running’”

[5] יָשַׁב, יָשׁוּב – yashab – Strongs 3427 – (v) – “inhabit/dwell/live/remain/be set/stay/be inhabited/abide/marry/establish a dwelling place/seat/crouch/meet/restore

[6] מִקְנֶה – miqneh – Strongs 4375 – (n . m) – “cattle/livestock/salable domestic animals e.g. sheep, cattle, goats, camels/possession/something bought and sold/purchased/acquired/herdsmen”