Yep! God Even Speaks from the Names.

Genesis 4:18

18 And Irad[1] was born to Enoch, and Irad was father[2] to Mehujael[3], and Mehujael was father to Methusael[4], and Methusael was father to Lamech[5].


Well, not exactly the names I’d pick if I was having a baby… and having spent some long time trying to translate just one verse, I’m wondering what God can possibly say?

However, if translated into English, this is what we have from this verse: Fleet (well, other than this guy’s name, the word doesn’t exist in the Hebrew, so who really knows what it means.  It’s doubtful that there was even an idea of what a ship was, and it’s hard to know what “Fleet” really meant, especially since it’s not a word in the Bible…  So who knows who Irad really was)  … well Fleet??? was born to Dedicated, and Dedicated was father to Smitten by God, and Smitten by God was father to Who is of God, and Who is of God was father to Powerful.

I guess, if I was to choose which son I would want to be, I’d pick Methusael, “Who is of God.”  But, even then, I want to be New Testament “Who is of God” … the grace was of God… in the same way Methuselah “walked with God.”  And, in Christ Jesus, that’s what I became, a son of God through faith, not by works, so I can’t boast.  I’m chosen by God, fathered by God and a friend of God.


Father, thank you that You live me.  Please help me to love You, too.  Please direct my path each day so that I bring You glory, even without trying.  Please help me to enter Your rest, and thank you that I have Your name written on me and the name of Your New City.  Help me to wear them well by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] עִירָד – ‘iyrad – Strongs 5897 – (n . m proper) – “Irad, name of person, son of Enoch, grandson of Cain – ‘fleet (but this meaning is very uncertain since this is not a word in Biblical Hebrew, and ships weren’t even thought of… potentially something to do with “city” or “blind,” but unknown’”

[2] יָלַד, לֵדָה – yalad – Strongs 3205 – (v) – “have a child/one born/be born/impregnate/become a father to/beget/give birth/bring forth/be descended/tell of ancestry/midwife/bud/grow”

[3] מְחוּיָאֵל – Strongs 4232 – Machuwya’el – (N . m proper) – “Mehujael, name of a person, son of Irad, grandson of Enoch, and great grandson of Cain = ‘smitten by God’”

[4] מְתוּשָׂאֵל – mâthuwsha’el – Strongs 4967 – (n . m proper) – “Methusael, name of a person, son of Methujael = ‘who is of God’”

[5] לָמֶךְ – lamek – Strongs 3929 – (n . m proper) – “Lamek, name of a person, son of Methusael = ‘powerful’”