The 1st Tantrum in the Bible

Genesis 4:5-7

5 But He didn’t look to Cain and his offering, and Cain burned (with) much (anger) and his face fell. 6 And (The Lord) Yahweh said to Cain, “Why do you burn[1] (with anger)? And why has your face fallen? 7 If you do well, won’t (you have a) high position[2], and if you don’t do well, sin is lying (in wait)[3] at the door[4]… and its desire[5] (is) for you, but you’re to rule[6]  over it.


God looked to Abel, but didn’t look to Cain.  So, Cain had the following honour logged for him… the law of first mention of throwing a tantrum.  He became angry and his face fell, in other words, he wasn’t a happy chappy.

However, Yahweh still came to speak with him, and asked him why he was angry?  As if God didn’t know.  It’s the second occasion where God asked a question that He already knew the answer to… the first being to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

The Lord Yahweh told Cain that if he did well he would have a high position, majesty, importance.  But, if he failed to do well, then the consequence was that sin was lying in wait at the door to consume him.   Yahweh told Cain that sin was there longing to trap him, but Cain’s role was to master it, to rule over it.

I can’t passively fight sin.  I need to recognise the areas of my life where I need to change, and actively make the changes.  I was God who said to rule over sin.  If I don’t rule sin, it will rule me.  Here, in Genesis , is a specific command for me to rule over anger and offence, along with an encouragement for me to do my best and not settle.


Father, please show me any area that I need to bring before you.  I don’t want any foothold for sin or the devil and I ask you to point out for me the areas that I need to change.  Please give me the strength to rule over everything that would attempt to stand against Your perfect purpose for my life.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] “why it burned with anger fro you?”

[2] שְׂאֵת – sâ’eth – Strongs 7613 – (n . f) – “swelling/majesty/dignity/exaltation/uprising/authority/high position/lifted/forgiveness/loft position/high status”

[3] רָבַץ – rabats – Strongs 7257 – (v)  – “to stretch oneself out/lie down/lie stretched out/lie/cause to lie/cause to rest/crouch/place (put an object in a certain spot)/laying (stones)/happen (formally ‘lie’)”

[4] פֶּתַח – pethach – Strongs 6007 – (n . m) “doorway/door/entrance/opening/gates/gateway/gate”

[5] תְּשׁוּקָה – tâshuwqah – Strongs 8669 – (n . f) – “desire/longing/craving/urges”

[6] מָשַׁל – mashal – Strongs 4910 – (v) – “to rulerule/ruler/rulers/rules/ruling/dominion/gain control/govern/had charge/have authority/master/obtain dominion/really going to rule/wielded/make one a rulercontrol/be in charge/have dominion over/have dominion/reign/to cause to rule/to exercise dominion”