The One Time He Shouldn’t Have Listened!

Genesis 3:17-19

17 And He said to Adam, “Because you listened to the voice of your woman[1] and ate from the tree that I commanded you saying, ‘Don’t eat from it!’, the ground is cursed because of[2] you, and you’ll eat (of) it in pain[3] all the days of your life. 18 It will cause thorns[4] and thistles[5] to spring up[6] for you, and you’ll eat the green plants[7] of the field. 19 You’ll eat bread by the sweat[8] of your face[9] until it returns to you to the ground… because from it you were taken … because you are dust and you’ll return to dust.


Finally, Adam is dealt his sentence.  God said, “Because you listened to the woman, instead of Me, and ate from the tree that I commanded you, saying, ‘Never eat from that one!’… Because of that, the ground is now cursed.   It’s going to produce thistles and thorns, whereas before it only produced good fruit.  Previously, you worked and enjoyed it, because it was easy.  However now, it’s going to be tough work and it will be unrewarding.

You’ll eat the grass in the field, the green plants and only from the hard work you put in… the sweat of your face.  In fact, you’ll eat the food the dirt produces until you die.  You were made from the dust, and although I built you to live for ever, because of your disobedience, you’re going back to the dust.”

My take away from this passage is that God, in His kindness, decided that man wouldn’t have to live for eternity in unfruitful, hard work, striving to survive.

My outlook on western society, and the rich of ancient days, because of the ease of life, God becomes irrelevant, except for what He might give them.


Father, thank you that I live in such comparative ease to so many in this world.  Yes, I work, and no, it’s not what I always want, but I have so much.  Thank you that in Your Son Jesus You have restored so much.  However, please don’t let me take You or Your blessings for granted.  Please help me to live a life of thanks and praise to You.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] אִשָּׁה – ʾishshah – Strongs 802 – (n .  f) – “woman/wife/female/women/wives/any female/each/every/ech woman/widow/marriage/married/one”

[2] עֲבוּר – ʿabuwr, ʿabur – Strongs 5668 – (prep) – “sake/account/because/so/order/for the sake of/on account of/because of/in order to/in order that/reason/so that/while”

[3] עִצָּבוֹן – ‘itstsabown – Strongs 6093 – (n . m) – “pain/labourhardship/sorrow/toil/suffering/hard work”

[4] קֹוץ, קֹוץ – qowts, qots – Strongs 6975 – (n . m) – “thorn/thornbush/shreds of a wick/the used/sent,flax bits of a lamp-wick”

[5] דַּרְדַּר – dardar – Strongs 1863 – (n . m) – “thistle/thistles/thorns/throny plant with no capacity to produce fruti

[6] צָמַח – tsamach – Strongs 6779 – (v) – “to sprout/spring up/to grow abundantly or thickly/to cause to grow/to cause to sprout/grow/growing/grown/springs/sping forth/sprouted/sprout up/exist/cause completion/happen … sprout/sprout up/spring up/happen/exit/ [Qal] … grow/grow abundantly [Piel] … cause to grow/casue completion/bring to fruition/cause to sprout [Hifil]

[7] עֵשֶׂב – ʿeseb – Strongs 6212 – (n . m) – “herb/herbage/grass/green plants/vegetations”

[8] זֵעָה – ze‘ah – Strongs 2188 – (n .  f) – “sweat/perpiration”

[9] אַף, אַפַּיִם – ʾaph – Strongs 639 – (n . m) – “nostril/nose/face/anger”