It’s no use making a covenant with God, if I’m not prepared to love people.

Genesis 31:53-55

53 Let the God of Abraham, the God of Nahor… the God of their father, judge between us.”  And Jacob promised with an oath[1] by the fear[2] of his father Isaac. 54 And Jacob sacrificed a sacrifice on the mountain, and he called for his brothers to eat of the food, and they ate food and spent the night on the mountain. 55 And Laban got up early[3] in the morning, he kissed his (grand)sons and his daughters, and he blessed them.  (Then) Laban went and returned to his place.


Laban continued his curse upon Jacob…  “Let God judge you if you do a single thing wrong!”  When Laban said, “Let God judge between us.” Laban wasn’t thinking that he could ever be in the wrong, he was really only concerned the Jacob would be punished if he decided to sin.

Before I judge Laban too quickly or harshly, I need to remember my own tendencies to be that way.  I find it ever so easy to judge others, but excuse myself, even for the same thing or worse.  My first initiative must be to forgive.

Still, Jacob promised with an oath in the name of the fear of Isaac, the God of Abraham, Nahor and their father.  Jacob invited everyone to share in the sacrifice, which was the symbolic practice of the covenant, each party dying to themselves and becoming united, whatever goods and authority belonged to Jacob then belonged to Laban and vice versa.

Finally, Laban arose, kissed and blessed his daughters and grandchildren, and he returned to his place.

It’s no use making a covenant with God, if I’m not prepared to love people.  My own home ought to be the place where I show the greatest grace, and where people see God at work in me.  I’m supposed to be catalyst for harmony and peace.


Father forgive me for being a crank at home… especially when I’m nice to everyone outside.  Please help me to change and to be the person that You want me to be wherever I am and regardless of what I’m facing.  Let a sacrifice of praise be shared in my home, and please help me to be the worship leader.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] שָׁבַע – shabaʿ – Strongs 7650 – (v) – “swear/take an oath/to curse/to cause to take an oath/sear on an oath”

[2] פַּחַד – pachad – Strongs 6343 – (n . m) – dread/terror/fread/object of dread/great fear/awe/disaster/panic/terrors”

[3] שָׁכַם – shakam – Strongs 7925 – (v) – “rise or start early/do early in the morning/get up/rise/early/rose early/got up early/repeat/do over and over again/again”