Now, whenever God is watching me, it’s to encourage me to turn away from sin and to live His way.

Genesis 31:49-52

49 and Mizpah (which means watchtower), because[1] he said, “Let (The Lord) Yahweh watch[2]  between me and you, because[3] each is hidden[4] from the other[5]. 50 If you afflict[6] my daughters, and if you take (other) wives over my daughters… there isn’t a man with us… See, God (is) witness between me and you.” 51 And Laban said to Jacob, “Look, this heap and this monument that I’ve thrown[7] between me and you… 52 This heap (is) a witness, and the monument (is) a witness, that I won’t cross over this heap to you, and that you won’t cross over this heap and this monument to me, to (do) evil.


Laban added a curse to the covenant.  Whereas Jacob was happy to call the pile of stones a witness heap, Laban also called the place Mizpah, which means “watchtower.”  Laban said that the heap of stones was the demarcation zone. Neither Laban nor his household was to cross to Jacob’s side, nor was Jacob and his household to cross to Laban’s side, to do harm.  Laban said, I might be hidden from you, but God is watching!  If you marry other women and put them above my daughters, you’ll be cursed.  And if you abuse my daughters or grandchildren in any way, you’ll be cursed.”

So, the heap of stones became a witness to the legally binding promises that Jacob and Laban made to each other.

It’s probably good for me to remember that nothing I do is hidden… nothing at all.  God sees everything.  The big difference between Laban’s reference to God watching and my remembering that God’s watching, is that Laban wanted God to strike Jacob down if he ever did the wrong thing.  As for me, I deserve to be struck down.  However, Father God allowed His precious So to be struck down in my place.

Now, whenever God is watching me, it’s to encourage me to turn away from sin and to live His way.  I’m His child and He only wants good for me.


Father, please help me to understand who You really are.  Please give me Your Spirit, or, more probably, let me recognise Your Spirit in me, in a far greater dimension.  Please enable me to serve You the way You desire, and I ask for favour upon the work of my hands.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] אֲשֶׁר, בַּאֲשֶׁר, כַּאֲשֶׁר, מֵאֲשֶׁר – (relative  pronoun)ʾasher – Strongs 834 – “which/who/whoever/with/where/because/so/that which/that/when/since/if/as/reason/howbeit/wherein/wherever/while those who”

[2] צָפָה – tsaphah – Strongs 6822 – (v) – “keep watch/be a watchman/watch/to look out or about/spy/watch closely/destined/lookout/looks well/spies/watch expectantly”

[3] כִּי, כִּי עַל כֵּן, כִּי־אִם, כַּמָּה – kiy – Strongs 7563 – (conjunction) – “whenever/whether/that/for/as though/as/because/but/then/certainly/except/surely/since/for if/but rather/except that/only/nevertheless/surely/for though/for therefore/burning/branding/physical marking of the skin to show sign of ownership by another”

[4] סָתַר – cathar – Strongs 8641 – (v) – “absent/conceal/concealed/cover/hid/hidden/hide/hides/hiding/place/secret things/surely hide/undetected … to hide oneself/be hidden/be concealed/hidden [Nifal] … to hide carefully [Piel] … hidden [Pual] … to conceal/hide [Hifil] … to hide oneself/vanish/perish/ceased to exist (as a result of hiding oneself) [Hitpael]”

[5] רֵעַ – reaʿ, reyaʿStrongs 7453 – (n . m) – “fellow countryman/neighbour/friend/companion/fellow/other/another/whouting/thundering/thought/the content of thinking or reasoning/husband/lover/mate/intimate firend/shouting/thundering/roaring sound/loud sounds/thought/thinking process”

[6] עָנָה – ‘anah – Strongs 6031 – (v) – “humble/himbling/to be occupied/to be busy with/to afflict/oppress/humble/be afflicted/be bowed down/be put down/become low/to be depressed/be downcast/to be afflicted/to stoop/to humble oneself/bow down/be humbled/be humiliated/mishandle/afflict/deny oneself/rape/ravish/ravished/silence/cease/stop/be afflicted/afflicted/humble oneself/deny oneself/silence/be preoccupied/keep occupied/occupy/suffer affliction/humble oneself/deny oneself/rape/violate/silence/preoccupied/keep occupied/affliction/do violence/force/ravish/ravished/oppressors/silenced/submit/weakened …. To be occupied/be busied with/to afflict/to oppress/humble/be afflicted/be bowed down/be put down/become low/be depressed/be downcast/to stoop [Qal] … to humble oneself/bow down/be afflicted/be humbled [Nifal] …. To humble/mishandle/afflict/be humiliated/weaken oneself [Piel] …. To be afflicted/be humbled [Pual] …. To humble oneself/to be afflicted [Hitpael] …. To afflict”

[7] יוֹרֶה, יָרֵא, יָרָה – yarah/yaraʾ – Strongs 3384 – (v) – “teach/taught/teaches/teacher/teaching/showed/shoot/shot/shiot through/archers/archers shot/instruct/instructed/instruction/cast/lay/set/point out/show/direct/teach/instruct/throw/throws/throw water/rain/watering … throw/cast/lay/set/shoot arrows [Qal] … archer [Qal participle] …to be shot [Nifal] … to throw/cast/shoot/point out/show/direct/teach/instruct/to throw water/to rain [Hifil]”