I should look into things more carefully, because many times people are saying the same thing as I am, just in a way that is foreign to me.

Genesis 31:45-48

45 And Jacob took a stone, and set it up[1] (as) monument[2]. 46 And Jacob said to his brothers, “Gather[3] stones, and take (the) stones and make a heap[4], and they ate there on the heap. 47 And Laban called it Jegar-sehaduthar[5], but Jacob called it Galeed[6]. 48 And Laban said, “This heap is a witness between me and you today.”  Because of this its name (was) Galeed


It would appear that Jacob initiated the action regarding building a monument to the covenant.  Jacob took the first stone and set it up as a reminder of the covenant between Jacob and Laban.  He then had all the other men gather stones and make a heap.  Now, it must have been some heap, because they actually ate a meal on top of that heap of stones.

Laban call the heap of stones Jegar-sehaduthar, while Jacob called it Galeed… However, both names meant “heap of witness.”  It was just that Laban spoke Aramaic and Jacob spoke Proto-Semitic (or Paleo-Hebrew, which became Hebrew).  So, it wasn’t an argument about what to call the place, it was just the same name in two different languages.

What I believe God is saying to me is that a difference in opinion isn’t necessarily cause for disagreement.  I should look into things more carefully, because many times people are saying the same thing as I am, just in a way that is foreign to me.

Secondly, even though we have differences, and there have been disagreements, we can still sit down and eat a meal that is symbolic of a promise to care for, share with, and honour the other person (e.g. the meal that Laban & Jacob shared over the covenant).


Father, please help me to see other people’s point of view and not be so consumed with my own ideas that I overlook the opinions of others.  I need You so badly.  I ask for Your Spirit to overflow me and gush out to others, so that they see Loving God, and not cranky old man.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] רוּם – ruwm, rum – Strongs 7311 – (v) – “lift high/be exalted/cause to lift/raise up against/rise in rebellion/take action/increased/present an offering/saves/deliver/be presented/haughtiness/height/elevation/loftiness”

[2] מַצֵּבָה – matstsebah – Strongs 4676 – (n . f) – “pillar/stone pillar/memorial stone/tree stump/monument/memorial/stock”

[3] לָקַט – laqat – Strongs 3950 – (v) – “to pick up/gather/glean/take all that is left in a field after harvest/gather up/to collect/to collect oneself/gather around … to pick up/gather/glean [Qal] … to gather/gather up/collect/glean [Piel] … to be picked up/be gathered [Pual] … to collect oneself/pull onself together/gather around [Hitpael]””

[4] גַּל – gal – Strongs 1530 – (n . m) – “wave/waves/heap/heaps/rock garden/ rock pile/ruins/stone heaps/stone cairn/funeral rock pile/rubble/pile of rocks/spring/surging waves/wave/billow/over dead body/alone/used in ratifying a covenant”

[5] יְגַר שָׂהֲדוּתָּא – Yâgar sahaduwtha’ – Strongs 3026 – (n . m proper) – “Jegar-sahadutha, name that Laban calle dhte place where he and Jacob made a covenant =

[6] גָּלְעֵד – Gal‘ed – Strongs 1567 – (n . m proper) – “Galeed, name of the place thawhere Jacob and Laban made a covement and Jacob called it Galeed… located on Mt Gilead = ‘witness heap’”