God cares for me, and he is my protector.

Genesis 31:42-44

42 Perhaps the God of my father, the God of Abraham, the fear[1] of Isaac, was for me, because, now, you (would have) sent me empty-handed[2], (but) God saw my affliction[3] and the labour[4] of my hands, and He rebuked[5] (you) last night[6].”43 And Laban answered, and said to Jacob, “The daughters (are) my daughters and the (grand)sons (are) my (grand)sons, and the sheep and goats (are) my sheep and goats, and all that you see… it(’s) mine.  And for my daughters, what will I do for them today, or for their sons that they gave birth to? 44 And now, come[7], let’s cut a legally binding agreement, I and you, and it will be a witness[8] between me and you.”


Jacob and Laban both laid out their complaints against each other, and, finally Jacob said that God was with him, because Laban would have sent him away with nothing, however, God saw how Laban had treated him and how hard he’s worked, and rewarded him.

Laban retorted that the daughters were his, their sons were his, and that all the sheep and goats were his… it appears to me the Laban still saw Jacob as a slave.  In other words, Jacob owned his daughters, their children and the sheep and cattle that he’d earned, only as long as he remained in Laban’s household.  But, if Jacob left, it all returned to Laban, according to the laws of a slave who took his freedom.

Had Laban not heard from God, somehow, I think he would have taken everything.  But, God was with Jacob, and Laban suggested making a covenant, as a witness between them.

God cares for me, and he is my protector.  It doesn’t matter what the enemy or people try to do to me, because my God will overrule every plan against me.  It also doesn’t matter how perfectly I and those with me are behaving, because God’s mercy is out of His love for me, not according to me righteousness or what I deserve.


Father, please help me to put You first in everything today.  I’m probably not going to do things perfectly, but I ask that You forgive me of all sin, and work through me to enable me to be more like You in the way I act at all times.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] פַּחַד – pachad – Strongs 6343 – (n . m) – dread/terror/fread/object of dread/great fear/awe/disaster/panic/terrors”

[2] רֵיקָם – reyqam – Strongs 7387 – (adv) – “vainly/empty/in empty condition/emty/emptily/in vain/without effect/empty-handedly/without cause/empty-handed”

[3] עֳנִי – ʿoniy – Strongs 6040 – (n . m ) – “misery/affliction/suffering/great pain/poverty/afflicted/persecuted/great effort”

[4] יְגִיעַ – yâgiyaʿ – Strongs 3018 – (n . m) – “toil/work/product/produce/acquired property (as a result of work)/labour/possessions/product of their labour/wages/merchandise”

[5] יָכַח – yakach – Strongs 3198 – (v) – “to prove/decide/judge/rebuke/reprove/argue/correct/to reason/to convict/to argue/vindicated/rebuke/chastened/complain/accuse/choose”

[6] אֶמֶשׁ – ’emesh – Strongs 570 – (adverb) – “yesterday/last night/recently”

[7] הָלַךְ – halak – Strongs 1980 – (v) – “went/walk/walked/walks/alking/walking around/to go/going/gone/come/led/travel/go about/follow/get rid of/depart/departs/departing/continue/proceed/escort/move/go away/die/moving/live/manner of life/to traverse/to walk about/to lead/bring/lead away/carry/cause to walk/take control/drive/receive/change of state/fly/flash down/flash” back/swallow/concern/bandit/crawl/increase/flow/parade/prowled//sprouts/stalks/vagabond/vanishedrobber/wander/wanderer/went/patrol/pressed heavier”

[8] עֵד – ʿed – Strongs 5707 – (n . m) – “witness/witnesses/evidence/testimony/giving of evidence”