God is working everything together for good for me. However, it may not necessarily look so good at the moment.

Genesis 31:39-41

39 I didn’t bring the torn (animal) to you, I wore the loss[1] of it myself.  From my hand you required[2] (a replacement)[3], (whether) stolen by day or stolen by night. 40 (There) I was… heat[4] consumed me in the day, and frost[5] in the night, and my sleep ran away[6] from my eyes. 41 This was twenty years for me in your house.  I slaved for you fourteen years for your two daughters and six years among your sheep and goats, and you changed[7] my wages[8] ten times[9].


Jacob had evidently been very honourable in his service to Laban.  However, Laban had made it hard for him.  He made him serve fourteen years for Rachel, as payment for his wife, tricking him first into marrying Leah after seven years.  Then, Jacob worked another six years among Laban’s sheep and goats, and Laban changed the conditions of his wages ten times.

Meanwhile, Jacob had worn the loss of any of Laban’s sheep and goats that had been attacked and killed by wild animals.  He hadn’t eaten any of the rams himself, but was himself eaten by the heat of the day and the frost at night.  (It’s interesting that Jacob had slaves, but still took the responsibility of working himself.)

And, then, if a sheep or goat was stolen at night or during the day, Laban made Jacob pay for it… He got away with nothing, and worked hard for twenty years… and Jacob was indignant that Laban would chase him down, and falsely accuse him… so he thought.

God is working everything together for good for me.  However, it may not necessarily look so good at the moment.  My role is to keep trusting God, whether or not things are panning out the way that I thought they would.


Father, you know my heart, You know my challenges and You know the end… while I only see my challenges.  So, thank you that You are working everything together for good.  Thank you that I can rejoice in Your goodness, even when I can’t see the good outcome that You have promised.  Please help me to trust You much better.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] חָטָא, חֶטְאָה – chataʾ – Strongs 2398 – (v) –  “sin/miss/miss the way/go wrong/incur guilt/forfeit/purify/to bear loss/make a sin offering/to purify from sin/purify from uncleanness/miss the mark/induce to sin/cause to sin/bring into guilt and condemnation or punishment/to missoneself/lose oneself/wander from the way/fail to reach/err/retreat”

[2] בָּקַשׁ – baqash – Strongs 1245 – (v) – “seek/search/look for/be sought/hold responsible/inquire about/try to do/require/desire/exact//request/demand/ask/resort to/go in search for”

[3] “it”

[4] חֹרֶב – choreb – Strongs 2721 – (n . m)  – “drought/dry/fever/heat/desolation/waste/ruin/utter waste/object of horror/pile of rubble”

[5] קֶרַח – qerach – Strongs 7140 – (n . m) – “frost/ice/ice crystal/crystal/frozen water”

[6] נָדַד – nadad – Strongs 5074 – (v)  – “flee/escape/banish/be banished/wander/cast aside/fly/fly away/retreat/move/wander abroad/stray/flutter/be chased away … to retreat/flee/wander/stray/flutter/leave in haste/fly [Qal] … flee away/be chased/be banished [pual] … to chase away/banish [Hifil] … to be chased away/cast aside [Hufal] … to flee away [Hitpael]”

[7] חָלַף – chalaph – Strongs 2498 – (v) – “go by/be new/pass on/pass through/go through/pass by/change/change clothes/sweep/be discarded/exchange/be removed/violate/pass away/to come on anew/overstep/transgress/substitute/alter/change for better/rest/renew/pierce”

[8] מַשְׂכֹרֶת – maskoreth – Strongs 4909 – (n . f) – “wages/remuneration/reward/pay back/comensation for services provided”

[9] מֹנֶה – moneh – Strongs 4489 – something weighed out/counted/time/occurrence/happening”