Just putting it out there… If you love Jesus, live in a country town in Australia where there is no evangelical church that is actively preaching the truth of the Bible, and you would like to see God move in your town, please let me know… I’m willing to come, hopefully with a small team, help YOU plant a church and provide ongoing support.

Our hope is to vesit with a committed Christian couple or single person in a town that has no active evangelical church.  We will:


     ❣     bring a team

     ❣     have some sort of outreach event BBQ, Service, meeting

     ❣     provide you with tools and materials to run a home study group

     ❣     be available to pray and suport you

     ❣     link you with other churches that are be in your region, so that you don’t feel alone

     ❣     visit with you every few months

     ❣     encourage you in every way possible

     ❣     work with you to see God’s kingdom advance in your home and your community.


I believe that this is an exciting opportuntiy for us all to be involved onw way or another!

God bless you