I can live in victory, through Christ who loves me and gave Himself for me.

Genesis 31:33-35

33 And Laban went into Jacob’s tent, (then) into Leah’s tent and into the tent of the two female slaves[1] and he didn’t find (the gods), and he went out from the Leah’s tent and went into Rachel’s tent. 34 But Rachel had taken the household gods, and she put them in the camel’s saddle-bag[2], and she sat on them, and Laban touched and felt[3] the whole tent, but didn’t find (them). 35 And she said to her father, “Don’t let the eyes of my owner and master burn with anger[4], because I can’t get up from before you because the way of women belongs to me… and he searched[5] but didn’t find the household gods.


Rachel was no angel either…

Laban went into Leah’s tent, searched it, into the two slave-girls’ tent, searched that, then he went into Rachel’s tent.  Rachel quickly took the gods that she had stolen, stuffed them in her camel’s saddle-bag, and sat on the bag, claiming that she couldn’t get up, because she was in the middle of her monthly period.  She said for Laban not to be angry, and watched while he touched and felt everything in her tent, searching for the very things she was sitting on.

Now, Rachel got away with her sin…

There are lots of things that I’ve done in life, of which I’m not proud, but I’ve “gotten away with them.”  The thing to remember is that the grace of God cleanses me from all sin through the blood of Jesus… I’m made pure in God, my Owner & Master’s eyes, because someone else paid the penalty for my sin.  Some said that Jacob’s words, to let the person who stole Laban’s gods die, became a curse over Rachel’s life, and it’s why she died young… However, I don’t have to worry about the condemnation or guilt from any sin, or the curse from anyone’s lips, because every word curse and every sin curse was taken and defeated by Jesus on the cross.  I can live in victory, through Christ who loves me and gave Himself for me.


Father, there are lots of challenges, and I want to say that I now, again, hand them all over to You, even the little challenges.  Apart from You I can do nothing, and I need You desperately.  Thank you for Your forgiveness, and please help me to live a pure life out of gratitude to You.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] אָמָה – ʾamah – Strongs 519 – (n . f) – “maidservant/maid/female/maid-servant/female slave/maid/handmaid/concubine/slave woman/female servant/servant/handmaid”

[2] כַּר  – kar – Strongs 3733 – (n . m) – “howdah/palanquin/basket/saddle-bag/saddle/enclosed riding space erected on a camel’s back/pasture/meadow/ram/lamb/he-lamb/battering-ram”

[3] מָשַׁשׁ – mashash – Strongs 4959 – (v) – “grope/gropes/felt through/feel/felt … to feel/to grope/touch and feel [Qal] … to feel over/to fel through/grope/use touch to examine thorougly [piel] … to feel/make one grope [Hifil]

[4] חָרָה – charah – Strongs 2734 – (v) – “be angry/enraged/compete/fret/be zealous/be hot/be furious/become angry/be kindled/burn/kindle/heat oneself/become few in number/to heat oneself in vexation/be incensed/zealously/very angry”

[5] חָפַשׂ – chaphas – Strongs 2924(v) – “disguise/disguised/disguises/search/searching/searched/to search/search for/search out/disguise oneself/to think out/devise/be searched out/be exposed/search through/search for/be sought out/to disguise oneself/let oneself be searched for/distorted/examine/hide/ponders/ransacked/well-conceived/plot/be ransacked/ransacked/examined/restricts”