If Yahweh is looking after me, and He is, then nothing anyone can do to me can happen without Yahweh’s approval.

Genesis 31:29-32

29 There is the power[1] of my hand to do evil to[2] you, but last night[3] the God of your fathers spoke to me, saying, “Keep[4] yourself from speaking good or evil with Jacob.” 30 And now, you’ve certainly gone because you’ve certainly longed for[5] the house of your father, (but) why did you steal my gods?” 31 And Jacob answered, and said to Laban, “Because I was afraid, because I said … in case you seize[6] your daughters from me. 32  Don’t let (The Person)[7] with whom you find your gods live!  Before our brothers, recognise[8] what (is) with me (and) belongs to you, and take it… but Jacob didn’t know that Rachel had stolen them.


God had protected Jacob.  He appeared in a dream to Laban, warning him not even to say anything nasty to Jacob.

Laban revealed that Jacob was desperately homesick, and said he understood why he had left, but then he asked why Jacob had stolen his gods?

Well, Jacob didn’t know that it was Rachel who had stolen them, and he said, “Whoever stole the household gods… don’t let him exist!  Execute him!”

Jacob also confessed that he was frightened to tell Laban he was leaving, and thought Laban might seize Jacob’s wives and children…  Depending on how Laban perceived the relationship with Jacob, also dictated whether he thought he had a right to keep the wives and children if Jacob left.  (i.e. whether he truly saw Jacob as a relative living within his household, or a slave who was married to his daughters).  Evidently, Jacob saw himself no better than a slave in Laban’s house, and felt that Laban thought the same.

If Yahweh is looking after me, and He is, then nothing anyone can do to me can happen without Yahweh’s approval.  God is working all things together for good for me, because I love him and I’m called according to His purposes.


Father, I need You.  I need You to work with me.  I need You to be with me in social circumstances.  I ask that You will filter the things that come and stay in my mind so that even what I think is glorifying to You. 

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] אֵל – ʾel –  shortened form – “god/God/gods/demons/mighty men/mighty things in nature”

[2] “with”

[3] אֶמֶשׁ – ’emesh – Strongs 570 – (adverb) – “yesterday/last night/recently”

[4] שָׁמַר – shamar – Strongs 8104 – (v) – “keep/guard/retain/treasure up/be secured/observe/be careful/watch/watchman/reserve/take heed/refrain/abstain/preserve/keep watch/keep secret/blockaded/kept close/revere/be secured/care for/keep/pay/ heed/refrain/cling to … to keep/have chaged of/guard/keep watch and ward/protect/save life/watch/wait for/observe/keep/retain/treasure up/keep with in a restricted area/ce;berate/keep (as in keep the Sabbath)/perform (what was promised)/protect/keep aside/reserve/revere/cling to [Qal] … watch/watchman [Qal participle] … besecured [Qal passive participle] … to be on guard/take heed/take care/beware/keep oneself/refrain/abstain/to be kept/be guarded/becareful/watch (imperative reflexive)/cared for [Nifal] … to keep/pay heed [Piel] … to keep oneself from/observe oneself [Hitpael]”

[5] כָּסַף – kacaph – Strongs 3700 – (v) – “eager/long/longed/longed greatly/shame … to long for/to be hungry [Qal] … long for/to deeply long for [Nifal] … being longed for [Nifal participle]

[6] גָּזַל – gazal – Strongs 1497 – (v) – “tear away/seize/kidnap/change of state/not exist/plunder/pull off/steal/rob/be robbed/be taken away/injured/traumatised”

[7] “him”

[8] נָכַר – nakar – Strongs 5234 – (v) – “to recognise/acknowledge/know/discern/make known/respect/regard/observe/pay attention/pay regard/notice/treat/foreign/misconstrue/distinguish/examine/familiar/take notice/disguise”