God will look after me, because He loves me and He’s chosen me, not because I deserve it or because act wisely.

Genesis 31:26-28

26 And Laban said to Jacob, “What have you done?   You stole my heart, you led away[1] my daughters like captives[2] of the sword. 27 Why have you hidden[3] to run away[4], steal (away) from[5] me, and not tell me?  I would have sent you in joy[6] and singing, with tambourines[7] and with the harp[8]. 28 But, you haven’t allowed[9] me to kiss my (grand)sons and my daughters.  Now, you’ve acted foolishly[10] in doing (so).


Laban was obviously less than happy with Jacob, and, on the other hand, less than truthful with him…

Laban asked Jacob what he had done?  Why had he hidden from him the fact that he was running away, why he’d stolen his heart as he fled while Laban was otherwise occupied?  So, Laban said, “Why didn’t you tell me so that I could have thrown a party with joy and singing, tambourines and harps?”

Somehow, I think Jacob had been around Laban long enough to know that there were no celebrations coming, just another change to his wages and forced servitude… Even though Jacob was free, it was like he was a slave to Laban.

Anyway, Laban told Jacob that he’d acted foolishly, leaving the way he did…

I wonder if Jacob should have faced the music (not the music of the party, but the tirade from Laban at home)? … Would he have even let him go?  Would he have forced him to leave some of his property?  None of this I know, but I do know that God was looking after Jacob, even though Jacob’s connection to God still seemed pretty casual.

God will look after me, because He loves me and He’s chosen me, not because I deserve it or because act wisely.


Father, please help me to act wisely.  Guide my by Your Spirit and fill me to overflowing with Your goodness, Your ideas, and Your words for me and others.  Please help me to love You in the way You love me… at least let me move in that direction…

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

[1] נָהַג – nahag – Strongs 5090 – (v) – “drive/drive away/carried off/guide/lead/be led/lead forward/blow (action of the wind to drive) … to drive to/to lead on/drive away/lead off/behave itself [Qal] … be lead [Qal passive] … drive away/lead off/guide/guide on/cause to drive/to moan/lament/sob/carried off/lead forth/blow [Piel] … those who are leading [Piel Participle]”

[2] שָׁבָה – shabah -Strongs 7617 – (v) – “take captive/lead captive/captive/be stolen/lifted/nabbed/captor …take captive/lead captive/took away/carried/carried away/too captive/take prisoner [Qal] … captive [Qal participle] … be a captive [Qal passive participle] … to be taken captive/been captured/be stolen/lifted/nabbed [Nifal]”

[3] חָבָא – chabaʾ – Strongs 2244 – (v) – “withdraw/hide/hide oneself/be forced into hiding/be hidden/draw back/draw together/thicken/harden”

[4] בָּרַח – barach – Strongs 1272 – (v) –  “fled/flee/fleeing/fees/ran away/passthrough/gone away/put to flight/to go through/flee/run away/put to flight/chase away/extend/hurry away/hasten/cause to flee/to drive away/come quickly/drives his away/drove him away”

[5] “with”

[6] שִׂמְחָה – simchah – Strongs 8057 – (n . f) – “joy/mirth/gladness/delight/gaiety/pleasure/glad results/happy issue/state of happiness”

[7] כְּתֹף, תֹּף – toph – Strongs 8596 – (n . m) – “timbrel/tambourine/small hand drum/small drumlike percussion instrument held in and struck by the hand, possibly with metal disks that tingles when shaken/settiings”

[8] כִּנּוֹר – kinnowr – Strongs 3658 – (n . m) – “lyre/harp/stringed instrument/lute/zither/kithara/musical instrument with a strong frame to place tension on strings as a tone and then plucked to make music”

[9] נָטַשׁ – natash – Strongs 5203 – “leave/permit/forsake/cast off/reject/suffer/join/spread out/have remain/discontinue/be loosed/cease/abandon/quit/hang loose/cast down/make a raid/lie fallow/let alone/entrust/let go/be abandoned/be deserted/be drawn/disperse”

[10] סָכַל – cakal – Strongs 5528 – (v) – “to be foolish/be a fool/to make foolish/turn into foolishness/to act or do foolishly/play the fool/turn into foolishness/act like a fool