I don’t have to do anything to please my heavenly Father… He loves me anyway…

Genesis 31:15-18

15 Aren’t[1] we thought to be[2] foreigners[3] to him?  Because he sold us, and has also certainly consumed[4] our silver. 16 Because all the wealth[5] that God snatched from our father, He (gave) for us… it’s for us and our sons.  And now, all that that God said to you, do!17 And Jacob got up, carried his sons and his wives on the camels, 18 and lead[6] all his livestock and all his property[7] that he acquired[8] … livestock (and) goods[9] that he acquired[10] in Padan-aram[11], to bring (them) to Isaac his father, to the land of Canaan.


Leah and Rachel felt totally rejected by their father.  Their opinion was that Laban had sold them and considered them to be nothing more than foreigners.  Not only that, but anything they might have received as an inheritance from their father had been taken away by God and given to Jacob, which meant it belonged to them and to their sons now, anyway.  Accordingly, Rachel and Leah agreed to go with Jacob back to the land of Canaan (well, for them, it would be the first time, but Jacob was going back).

So, Jacob put his wives and sons on camels and they led all the livestock that Jacob had acquired in Padan-aram, and they all headed toward Canaan.

The interesting thing for me, is that Jacob was taking back all his property to Isaac, his father, to the land of Canaan.  The striving of a son trying to please a father goes deep, and, after all his success, the Bible sees fit to mention that Jacob was taking all his wealth back to Isaac.

I don’t have to do anything to please my heavenly Father.  Just believing in His Son, Jesus, was the only thing I could do to make me right with Him.  I became a son and an equal heir.


Father, please help me to be real with You and please be real with me.  I need Your presence, not just a theory about You.   I need You to guide every step, not just to work and work to try and get ahead.  Please overflow me with Your tangible presence, and please use me to bring other people to You.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

[1] הֲלֹא, לֹא, לֹה – loʾ, lowʾ, loh – “not/no/nothing/without/before (of time)/cannot” + כֹּל – kol/kowl – “completely/every kind of/all/the whole/any/each/every/anything/everything/totally/totality/all throughout/all men/all these/anywhere/completely/entire/one/only/throughout/whoever”

[2] חֲשַׁב – chashab – Strongs 2804 – (v) – “to think/account/be regarded/have an opinion about/thought to be”

[3] נָכְרִי – nokriy – “foreign/alien/foreigner/someone else/foreign woman/harlot/adultress/unknown/unfamiliar/wild/untamed”

[4] אָכַל – ʾakal – Strongs 398 – (v) – “eat/be eaten/feed/give to eat/devour/burn up/consume/slay/destroy/spend valuable/take space/taste/be consumed/be devoured/consumed/to be wasted/destroyed/to cause to eat/eat their pieces (meaning ‘to slander them’/devourer/eating/eats/edible/enjoys/feast/fed/food/has enough/lived off/plenty to eat/reduces/tasting/took space away/used”

[5] עֹשֶׁר – ʿosher – Strongs 6329 – (n . m) – “wealth/riches/fortune/that which is much more than the norm of society”

[6] נָהַג – nahag – Strongs 5090 – (v) – “drive/drive away/carried off/guide/lead/be led/lead forward/blow (action of the wind to drive) … to drive to/to lead on/drive away/lead off/behave itself [Qal] … be lead [Qal passive] … drive away/lead off/guide/guide on/cause to drive/to moan/lament/sob/carried off/lead forth/blow [Piel] … those who are leading [Piel Participle]”

[7] רְכוּשׁ – râkuwsh, râkush – Strongs 7399 – (n . m) – “possessions/goods/property/equipment/herds/wealth/plunder/general term for all mmoveable goods. Livestock, stores, utensils, equipment, weapons, etc/belongings/chattels/things”

[8] רָכַשׁ – rakash – Strongs 7408 – (v) – “accumulated/acquired/gathered … to collect or gather property/to acquire/gain possessions by work or acquisistion [Qal]

[9] קִנְיָן – qinyan – Strongs 7075 – “goods/property/possessions/thing acquired/acquisition/possession/purchased property/wealth/creatures/acquired/acquiring”

[10] רָכַשׁ – rakash – Strongs 7408 – (v) – “accumulated/acquired/gathered … to collect or gather property/to acquire/gain possessions by work or acquisistion [Qal]

[11] פַּדַּן אֲרָם – Padan Aram – Strongs 6307 – (n . m proper) – “Paddanaram/Paddan-aram/Padan-aram/Paddan/Padan, name of a plain or tablelands in norther Messopotamia in Aram, a region of Syria, also the place where Isaac’s wife Rachel died = ‘field of Aram’”