My inheritance is with Jesus, and I need to remember that in this life I am a stranger.

Genesis 31:11-14

11 And the Angel of God said to me in the dream, ‘Jacob.’ And I said, ‘Here I (am).’ And he said, ‘Now, lift up your eyes and see all the male goats going up on the flock (are) striped, spotted and dappled, because I saw all that Laban has done to you. 13 I am the God of Bethel where you poured oil on[1] the monument[2] (to set it apart), and you promised[3] (what) you promised[4] to me there.  Now, get up, go out from this land, and return to the land of your birth[5].’” 14 And Rachel and Leah answered and said to him, “What (is) still for us of a share[6] and inheritance[7] in the house of our father?


Jacob continued on, to tell Rachel and Leah about the appearance of the angel of God and what he had said to him.  First, he called Jacob by name… “Jacob.”

God wants to know me and relate to me personally, not just as a part of a sea of people.  He knows my name, and He will use it.

Jacob spoke back to God, saying, “Here I am.”

God isn’t interested in a one way dominance where He just gives the commands and I obey like a puppet, but He allows me to speak to Him.

The angel reminded Jacob of the monument that Jacob had set up to Yahweh at Bethel (meaning “The house of God”) and that Jacob had promised that if God protected him and brought him back that He would always be Jacob’s God.  “Well,” said the angel of God, “it’s time to go back.”

Rachel and Leah realised that they had no real reason to stay, either.  There was no inheritance or share that they would receive from their father, and they sounded as if they were about to side with Jacob.

My inheritance is with Jesus, and I need to remember that in this life I am a stranger.  My focus, therefore, is supposed to be on my eternity with Him.


Father, please equip me for all You have for me.  Help me to remember that my inheritance is with You and not something to be built up here on earth.  Please fill me with Your Spirit and speak to me so that I can return to the place where You set me apart, and where I first recognised Your goodness and mercy.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] מָשַׁח – mashach – Strongs 4886 – (v) ­– “smear/anoint/spread a liquid/rub on/consecrate/be anointed/oil/paint/be spread/be rubbed with”

[2] מַצֵּבָה – matstsebah – Strongs 4676 – (n . f) – “pillar/stone pillar/memorial stone/tree stump/monument/memorial/stock”

[3] נָדַר – nadar – Strongs 5087 – (v)  – “to vow/make a vow/vow a vow/make a binding promise/made/takes/vow/vowed/vows/you will vow … to vow a vow/make a promise [Qal]”

[4] נֵדֶר – neder – Strongs 5088 – (n . m) – “vow/vows/votive offering/free will offering”

[5] מֹולֶדֶת – mowledeth – Strongs 4138 – (n . f) – “kindred/birth/offspring/relatives/circumstances of birth/one born/begotten/issue/offspring/female offspring/native/family”

[6] חֵלֶק – cheleq – Strongs 2506 – (n . m) – “portion/share/portions/property/reward/divisions/share of something/portion/share/part/territory/allotment/plot of ground/reward/fate/tract/award/possession/parcel (of land)/smoothness/seductiveness/flattery/associate/catch/inheritance/land/lot/farm land”

[7] נַחֲלָה – nachalah – Strongs 5159 – (n . f) – “inheritance/part/possession/property/ heritage/portion/share”