Jacob and Rebecca had taken into their own hands what God would have brought about another way

Genesis 27:13-17

13 And she said to him, “Your curse (be) on me my son.  Just[1] listen to my voice, and go, take (it) for me.” 14 And he went, took (it) and brought it to his mother and she made tasty food with it, just as his father loved. 15 And Rebekah took her older son Esau’s best[2] clothes that were with he in the house, and she dressed Jacob her younger son (in them). 16 And she put[3] the skin of a kid of a goat on his hands and on the smooth (part)[4] of his neck[5], 17 And she gave the tasty food and the bread that she made into Jacob her son’s hand.


Rebekah, it seems, would have done anything to give access to the blessing and birthright to Jacob.  She was prepared for any curse that would fall on Jacob to come against her…. All she wanted was for Jacob to listen to her and obey, i.e. go and get the goats, slaughter them, and enable her to prepare the food for Isaac.

Then, Rebekah took Esau’s most desirable clothes and dressed Jacob in them.  She also took the skin from the kids of the goats, presumably the ones that Jacob had just slaughtered, and she covered his hands and the smooth part of his neck.

Finally, Rebekah gave Jacob the tasty food that she’s made and some bread and sent him in to give it to Jacob.

So, the deception continued… Yes, Jacob had bought the birthright, and I guess he believed with it came the blessing.  However, Isaac had no intention of honouring that sale including the blessing… so, Rebekah and Jacob were out to trick him… even down to the detail of goat’s hair on Jacob’s hands and neck and Jacob wearing Esau’s clothes.

I still struggle with the tension here… Jacob having bought the birthright, but then deceitfully taking it, as his father obviously didn’t accept the situation.  Somehow, I feel that Jacob and Rebecca had taken into their own hands what God would have brought about another way…


Father, please help me to wait on You and not do things in my own strength.  On the other hand, please prevent me from sitting passively and allowing things to happen that You never intended, or to not happen, when You required me to act.  Please teach me to know your voice and give me that courage to obey.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] אַךְ – ʾak – Strongs 389 – (adv) – “surely/indeed/scarcely/barely/just after/howbeit/only/but/yet/except/however”

[2] חֶמְדָּה – chemdah – Strongs 2532 – (n . f / adj) – “desire/that which is desirable/pleasant/precious/treasure/wealth/valuable/valuables/fruitfulness/regret/sorrow/choice”

[3] לָבַשׁ – labash/labesh – Strongs 3847 – (v) – “dress/wear/clothe/put on clothing/put on/be clothed/put on clothes/be fully clothed/clothe/array with/put/state (i.e. be in a state of existence – an extension of wearing clothes)/apparel/arrayed/clothe yourselves/cause a state”

[4] חֶלְקָה, חֶלְקָה – chelqah – Strongs 2513 – (n . f) – “field/plot/property/portion/part/piece//piece of land/parcel/tract of land/smooth part/smoothness/flattery/smoothness of the tongue/slippery places/smooth part of a neck

[5] צַוָּאר, צַוְּרֹנִים – tsavva’r, tsavvar, tsavvaron, tsavva’rah – Strongs 6677 – (n . m) – “neck/back of neck/relatively strong body part connecting the head to the body”