What a good thing that I don’t have to earn a blessing from my heavenly Father.

Genesis 27:1-4

1 And it was, that Isaac was old and his eyes failed[1] to see, and he called Esau his older[2] son and said, to him, “My son,.” and (Esau) said to him, “Look, (here) I (am).” 2 And (Isaac) said, “Look, now, I’m old.  I don’t know the day of my death, 3 so[3], now, please take[4] your things, your quiver (of arrows)[5] and your bow, and go out (into) the field and hunt game for me. 4 Prepare tasty food[6] for me just as I love, and bring it to me and let me eat so that my soul may bless you before I die.


Isaac clearly loved Esau more than Jacob… he was old, his eyes failed to see any more and he called Esau, his “greater” (which would be the same word for “older”) son…  Esau came, and Isaac basically said, “Well, I don’t know how long until I die, so run out into the forest, shoot down one of those wild deer, or whatever it is you catch.  Cook it up just the way I love it and bring it to me to eat.  Once you do that, I’m going to give you my blessing.

Isaac clearly intended to bless Esau and ignore Jacob… despite the fact that he married girls who brought both his parents grief.

It’s also interesting that Esau had to earn the blessing.  He wasn’t called and given the blessing, but Isaac made him go hunting, and then he was to bring food and after that Isaac would bless him.

What a good thing that I don’t have to earn a blessing from my heavenly Father.  Christ Jesus did earn the blessing, but tool me sin and shame on the cross so that I would be blessed by Yahweh… and I would be able to offer NOTHING for it.  Father loves me because I love His Son.

It’s interesting that Isaac would call Esau his greater (the literal translation) son, when Isaac was the child of promise.  Ultimately, Jesus was His greater Son, and Jacob was nothing more than a shadow of the Messiah to come.


Father, I need you for everything.  I’m not the son who has either earned or deserved Your blessing… but I hold onto Jesus of Nazareth, and I won’t let go until You bless me.  I have no other place to go, no other hope.  Please be my ever-present help at all times.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] כָּהָה, כָּהָה – kahah – Strongs 3643 – (v) – “to grow weak/grow faint/grow dim/falter/be weak/be dim/be darkened/be restrained/be faint/fail/grow faint/fade/be unable/be incapable/rebuke/blind/disheartened”

[2] גָּבֹול, גָּדֹול, הַגְּדֹולִים – gadowl – Strongs 1419 – (adj OR n . m)  – “great/large/greater/reatest/high/highest/larger/loud/loudly/older/oldest/large number/intensity/older/important/distinguished/God/great things/exceedingly loud/loudly/severe/greater/greatest/bigger/bitterly/deep/elder/far more/great man/nobleman/major/many/marvelous/mighty/mighty and great/prominent/rich/severe/spacious/vast”

[3] וְ  – vâ’ – (conjunction) –  “and/but/then/whereas” N.B. often omitted as is this conjuction is used far more frequently that we would apply to English.

[4] נָשָׂא – nasaʾ, nacah – Strongs 5375 – (v) – “lift up/carry/take/bear/be carried/exalt/take away/forgive/incur/rise up/rouse/bring upon/be arrogant/provide/take up/raise/suffer/respect/honour/support/provide/take up/long for”

[5] תְּלִי – tâliy – Strongs 8522 – (n . m) – “hanger/quiver/quiver (of arrows)… i.e. it hangs from the shoulder/case for holding arrows

[6] מַתְעָם – mat’am– Strongs 4303 – (n . m) – “tasty food/savoury food/delicate food/dainties”