Not All I Hear Is True!

Genesis 3:5

4 And the snake said to the women, “You won’t (certainly) die. 5 God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened[1], and you will be become (all)knowing, just like God.”


The woman told the snake two things that God had NOT said. A) that the tree of knowledge of good and evil was in the centre of the garden, and B) that God had said not to touch the tree or you’ll die (in addition to not eating from it).

Deception was already rife by the time this conversation happened.  Perhaps it wasn’t the first time that the man and the woman had had deep and meaningful chats with the snake… This time, though, the snake blatantly contradicted God, and said, “You won’t die if you eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil!  Not at all!  Instead, you will know everything, just like God.  God’s been holding back from you.

Lucifer had, in heaven, already tried to usurp God’s authority, and God had given His authority over the earth to the man.  Accordingly, if Lucifer couldn’t get all the universe, perhaps he could get the earth by tricking the man. Lucifer’s plot was to undermine God’s goodness and motives, and, unfortunately, he actually was doing a pretty good job.

I need to be aware that not everything that I’m told is true, even when it looks tempting…  Sometimes, there’s a snake behind it.  I must be wise to avoid deception.  God’s word and His love and motives are to fill my whole being.  I absolutely need the mind of Christ.


Father, please give me wisdom to know Your word, Your voice, Your motives, and Your direction.  Please keep me from evil and don’t lead me into temptation.  Bring Your words and Your thoughts to mind whenever I’m in a dangerous situation.

In Jesus name.  Amen.

[1] פָּקַח – paqach – Strongs 6491 – (v) – “to open/to be opened/see (formally ‘open’)/hear (formally ‘open’)/understand (formally ‘open’)” … to open (eyes or ears)/see/hear [Qal] … to be opened … [Qal passive participle] … be opened/understand [Nifal]

5 and every of the plant[1] field before[2] it was in the earth, and every green plant of the field before it sprang up[3], because (The Lord) Yahweh God hadn’t (yet) caused it to rain over the land, and Adam wasn’t (there) to work the ground[4]. 6 And a mist[5] went up from the land, and watered[6] the whole face of the ground[7].