Even my enemies will recognise that God is blessing me and want to make agreements with me.

Genesis 26:26-29

26 And Abimelech Ahuzzath[1] his friend, and Phicol[2] the leader of his army went to him from Gerar,. 27 And Isaac said to them, “What’s with you (coming) to me?  You hated me and sent me from you.” 28 And they said, “We (certainly) saw that is was (The Lord) Yahweh with you, and we said, “Now, let an oath[3] be between us and you, let’s cut a legally binding agreement with you… 29 that[4] you won’t treat us badly just as we haven’t touched you, and just as we did only good to[5] you… and we sent you in peace, now you (are) blessed (by The Lord[6]) Yahweh.


It seems that Abimelech realized he’d made a mistake in sending Isaac away, and, one assumes, was a bit fearful that Isaac would become even more powerful and come back to overthrow his kingdom…  Whatever the reason, Abimelech, his friend Ahuzzath, and Phicol the head of his army came to meet Isaac.

Isaac was clearly unimpressed by their visit.  In fact, he went the closest that I’ve seen in Scripture to venting his bitterness and hurt about the way he and his household had been treated.  He said, “What are you doing here?  You hate me and you sent me away!”

They responded, and said something like, “Oh, but now we realise that God, Yahweh, was with you and that we actually did the wrong thing.”  (As close as you might get to an apology) …  “But now we thought it would be nice if we set up a treaty so that you will treat us nicely, just as we treated you.” … well, I guess Abimelech didn’t kill them, and he did let them live with him for some time… but, nicely?

Even my enemies will recognise that God is blessing me and want to make agreements with me.  God is going to ensure that I prosper, and that all around me see it. 


Father, please help me to live Your way.  I don’t understand this life very well, and I ask for You to open my eyes to see Your control and Your intentions beyond and above that of Your enemies’.  Please help me to live with Your joy and purpose and to choose You first every time.  Thank you that You supply all my needs.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] אֲחֻזַּת – ’Achuzzath – Strongs 276 – (n . m proper) – Ahuzzath. Name of a fiend of King Abimelech from Gerar in Isaac’s time = ‘possession/property’”

[2] פִיכֹל – Phicol – Strongs 6369 – (n . m proper) – “Phicol, name of the leader or captain of King Abileech’s army in Philistia in the days of Abraham and Isaac – ‘strong’”

[3] אָלָה – ’alah – Strongs 423 – (n . f) – “curse/cursed/oath of covenant/execration/adjuaration/curses”

[4] אִם – ʾim = Strongs 518 – (conditional particle)  – “if… if/whether… or/as often as/when/whenever/since/but rather/even though/although/Oh/either/neither/never/surely/when/only/nor/nothing”

[5] עִם – ʿim – Strongs 5974 – “amongst/among/along/near/together towards/regard/aside/because/before/beside/besides/close/has/have/like/mine/own/presence/side/take/terms/tutored/well/while/withinyet/inspite of/with/as well as

[6] “blessed of Yahweh (construct chain)