God appeared to Isaac… Now, that’s got to change your life!

Genesis 26:23-25

23 And he went up from there (to) Beer-sheba.

24 And (The Lord) Yahweh appeared to him on that night, and said, “I’m the God of Abraham your father.  Don’t be afraid, because I’m with you, I’ll bless you, and I’ll multiply your seed for the sake[1] of Abraham my slave.

25 And (Isaac) built an altar there, and called in the name of (The Lord) Yahweh, and pitched[2] his tent there, and Isaac’s slaves dug[3] a well there.


So, after finally getting some water for the household, Isaac again went up to Beer Sheba, the “Well of the Oath,” and, while he was there, God appeared to him.

Now, that’s got to change your day, if not your life… God appearing to you.  We know it was the same day that he arrived in Beer Sheba and at night, whether in a dream, a vision or in person we don’t know, but Isaac saw God.

Not only that, but God spoke and told him some important things for Isaac to know moving forward.

  1. Who He was… i.e. the God of Isaac’s father Abraham
  2. What not to do… Don’t be afraid
  3. What He would do… bless him and multiply him for the sake of his father Abraham who was God’s slave.

Isaac’s response:

  1. He built an altar there to Yahweh
  2. He called out in the name of Yahweh
  3. He pitched his tent there, and
  4. His slaves dug a well there.

God is still speaking today, promising to bless, multiply and protect those who are his.  My response is to build an altar to God in my heart, where He has presenced Himself after appearing to me, to call in the name of Yahweh, Jesus, to live there in His presence… and I’m not too sure about the “slaves” thing… but there’s certainly a spring of living water to flow from me, which I need to dig down to.


Father, please help me to reflect who You are, to be wise and discerning, and to have Your answers and Your justice when and as required.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] עֲבוּר – ʿabuwr, ʿabur – Strongs 5668 – (prep) – “sake/account/because/so/order/for the sake of/on account of/because of/in order to/in order that/reason/so that/while”

[2] נָטָה – natah – Strongs 5186 – (v) – “to stretch out/outstretched/extend/spread out/pitch/turn/pervert/incline/bend/cause to bend/bow/turn aside/hold out/influence/thrust aside/thrust away/plot/win over/give/stay/measure/brandish”

[3] כּוּר, כָּרָה, כָּרָה, כָּרָה – karah – Stongs 3788 – (v) – “to dig/excavate/dig through/to be dug/open/to give a banquet for/to acquire through a trade/trade/buy [Qal] … to be dug [Nifal]”