It’s not my role to question what happened and why me?

Genesis 26:22

22 And he moved on[1] from there and dug a following well, and they didn’t quarrel over it, and he called its name Rehoboth[2] (meaning “Broad Places”) because he said, “Now (the Lord) Yahweh has made room[3] for us and we’ll be fruitful in the land.”


Isaac could have complained, could have claimed rights… after all, his men had dug the other wells, and they had been forced to move home and everything… There were possibly more reasons for complaining or fighting than giving thanks.  However, Isaac just moved on.  There’s no record of any moaning or whinging, and he moved on, and his men dug yet another well.  They must have then waited for a bit, anticipating some sort of opposition, but it never came, and Isaac called the well “Rehoboth” meaning “Broad Places,” “because,” he said, and I’m amazed by this… “Yahweh has made room for us and we’ll be fruitful in the land.”

Sometimes, I just need to move on.  I can’t even afford to think of staying in the same place and getting all bitter and twisted.  God has a good plan, to give me a hope and a future.

It’s not my role to question what happened and why me?  My role is to move on and to keep digging wells until I strike water in a broad place where God will make room for me and allow me to be fruitful… and I can’t afford to take other people’s problems on, either.


Father, please help me to keep moving and to keep digging, despite all the challenges and disappointments.  Please help me to bring You as a beacon of hope to others who are in impossible situations, and please make a way where there is no way.  I have no other hope than You, God.  I have no other Saviour, Helper, Healer, Deliverer or Provider.  I so need You, and my prayer is, “Please help me.”

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] עָתַק – ‘athaq – Strongs 6275 – (v) – “to move/proceed/move on/advance/grow old and weak/move forward/remove/collect… to move/grow old/grow weak//failto advance in years (grow old and weak) [Qal] … to move forward/proveed/move on/to remove/to transcribe/collect [Hifil]”

[2] רְחֹבֹת – Râchoboth – Strongs 7344 – (n . f Proper) – “Rehoboth, name of a city built by Asshur near Nineveh/name of a city built by Saul/Rehoboth, name of an early king of the Edomites, name of a town in Edom./name given to the third of well dug by Jacob = ‘public square/broad or open place/plaza/central part of the city where people meet/squares/streets’”

[3] רָחַב – rachab – Strongs 7337 – (v) – “enlarge/enlarged/enlarges/extend/extends/made wide/makes room/open wide/rejoice/relieved/speaks boldly/wider/to be or grow wide/to be or grow large/to be widened/be enlarged//broad, roomy pasture/make large/to enlarge/find relief/create an opportunity/greedy … to be wide/be broad/make geographically bigger/be widened/enlarged/be joyful/rejoice/boast/speak overconfidently about situation or ability [Qal] … broad or roomy pasture/roomy/be broad [Nifal participle] … to make large/to enlarge/enlarged/greedy/add up/pultiply/find relief/create an opporunity [Hifil]”