It’s not worth the time, effort and cost to fight over something, even if it really is mine.

Genesis 26:18-21

18 And Isaac returned, and dug the wells of water that were dug in the days of Abraham his father, but stopped up by the Philistines after the death of Abraham.  And he called them the names, just as the names that his father had called them. 19 And Isaac’s slaves dug in the valley, and found a well of living water there. 20 But the shepherds of Gerar quarrelled with Isaac’s shepherds, saying, “(This) water belongs to us.” And the name of the well was called “Esek[1]” (which means “contention”) because they disputed[2] with him. 21 So[3], he dug a following well, and they also quarrelled over it, and he called its name Sitnah[4] (which means “hostility”)


Isaac didn’t give up when confronted with opposition, but instead returned and redug the wells that his father had dug… calling the wells by the same names his father had used.  The first well he dug in the valley of Gerar, and it’s of note that is was a well of “living water,” the same term that Jesus used of Himself.  It was a term that depicted running water, fresh, sweet and clean… as opposed to still, stagnating water.  However, it brought strife between the shepherds from Gerar and Isaac’s shepherds, because the shepherds from Gerar claimed ownership of the water.  It appears that, despite the hard work and time that had gone into the well, Isaac just went beck and dug another well.

It’s not worth the time, effort and cost to fight over something, even if it really is mine.  I’m better to go back and start again, remembering that it’s God who provides and God who blesses.  Getting something in a fight, even something I owned, is not necessarily going to bring blessing… In fact, the implication is that it probably won’t.  Sometime, I just have to move on.

Then, there was the following well, and no peace came from digging that one either… despite the hard work and the right attitude.


Father, thank you for reminding me that things don’t always go my way.  And when they don’t, please help me not to hold offence.  God, I so need You to give me a sweet spirit, which allows me to hold everything lightly, knowing that all promotion comes from Your hands not by my efforts and cunning… hard to believe after all these years of using cunning… but thank you that you still love me and help me to now do things Your way.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] עֵשֶׂק  – ‘Eseq – Strongs 6230 – (n . m proper) – “Esek, name  of the well, which Isaac dug, and that his shepherds and those from Gerar quarrelled over the ownership of the water = contention

[2] עָשַׂק  – ‘asaq – Strongs 6229 – (v) – “contended … strive/contend/quarrel/dispute/hostile exchange of words over a topic of disagreement [Hitpael]”

[3] “and”

[4] שִׂטְנָה – Sitnah – Strongs 7856 – (n . f proper) – “Sitnah, name of the second well dug by Isaac in the Gerar Valley = ‘strife/hostility’”