Sin is never a good idea.

Genesis 26:9-11

9 And Abimelech called for Isaac, “Look, she’s certainly[1] your wife, but why[2] did you say ‘She’s my sister’?”  And Isaac said to him, “Because I said, ‘In case I die because of her.’” 10 And Abimelech said, “What’s this you’ve done to us?  (In a) short while[3] one of the people (might have) had sex with[4]  your wife and you would have brought guilt[5] on us. 11 And Abimelech commanded all the people, saying, “(Anyone) who touches this man or his wife will certainly be put to death.


When Abimelech looked out the window and saw Isaac smooching with Rebekah, he called for Isaac.  Abimelech confronted Isaac and asked why he’d lied to him?  Isaac admitted that he was scared for his life.   Abimelech asked what Isaac thought he was doing?  Because, if someone had slept with Rebekah, guilt would have come upon the nation, and there would have been some sort of divine retribution.

The fact is… God looked after Isaac, even in his sin.  Abraham was actually thrown out of the country for lying about his wife (mind you, taking a fortune with him in the process), and so, it was a bit of a miracle that Isaac was not only allowed to stay, but that the king issued a decree saying that anyone who touched Isaac or Rebekah would be put to death.

Sin is never a good idea.  However, as God’s chosen one, as His child, even when I slip up, He still loves me and He is there to rescue me.  My lies and my sin are not enough to dilute the blood of Jesus, which alone is why I belong to God… not because of the good things I’ve done, but because of the mercy of God Himself.  I receive good and mercy in this life because of God’s amazing grace, not because of my ability or effort.


Father, I have nowhere to go except to You.  I love You and I long for Your presence, I long to be with You.  I long to hear Your voice and to know Your closeness.  Examine my heart…. You know my motives and You know my sinfulness…. I fall before You and ask again for Your mercy and grace in all I’m facing and going through.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] אַךְ – ʾak – Strongs 389 – (adv) – “surely/indeed/scarcely/barely/just after/howbeit/only/but/yet/except/however”

[2] אֵיךְ, אֵיכָה, אֵיכָכָה – ʾeyk, ʾeykah, ʾeykakah – Strongs 349 – (Interrogative adv) – “how?/How!/expression of satisfaction/marker showing intense degree of a circumstance/Why?”

[3] מְעַט – mâ‘at – Strongs 4592 – (substantive) – “the little/the few/to be or become small/be few/be decreased/cause decrease/gather little/be diminished/be too small/make few/give less/shortly/almost/just/little worth/little while”

[4] שָׁכַב – shakab – Strongs 7901 – “slept/lay/lay down/to lie/lie down/lies down/lay down/rest/sleep/sleeps/taking/tip/lain/lain downmake your bed/recline/lie on/rest/relax/lie – i.e. have sex with/slept with/rest/make lie down/lodge/to be laid/made to lie down or over/lie with/be slept with/be lain with/make lie down/to be laid”

[5] אָשָׁם – ʾasham – Strongs 817 – (n . m) – “guilt offering/guilt/guiltiness/guilty deeds/sin/wrong/a trespass/compensation for offence/trespass offering/penalty/damage”