When I trust God, I actually need to trust God completely, not just in the areas that are under control.

Genesis 26:6-8

6 And Isaac lived[1] in Gerar[2], 7 and the men of the place asked about[3] his wife, and he said, “She’s my sister.” Because he was afraid to say, “‘(She’s) my wife…’ in case[4] a man of the place murders me, because she’s beautiful[5] in[6] appearance.” 8 And it was, he was there a long[7] (number of) days, and Abimelech, king of the Philistines, looked down[8] through the window, and he looked and, look, Isaac was playing[9] with Rebekah his wife.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so they say… and, here we have Isaac being approached by the men of Gerar, where Isaac went to live, asking about his wife, Rebekah.  So, Isaac said, “She’s my sister.” because he was so afraid that they would murder him and take his wife. We’re are told that Rebekah was beautiful to look at, and so Isaac lied to save his life.  At least Abraham told a half-truth, as Sarah was his half-sister, but Rebekah was Isaac’s cousin… yep, still a bit close for our liking today.

Anyway, one day, Abimelech, king of the Philistines, looked down from his window and saw Isaac playing with Rebekah… somehow, I don’t think it was soccer…

The point is that when I trust God, I actually need to trust God completely, not just in the areas that are under control.  God is never out of control.  He never wavers, gets frightened, wonders what he’ll ever do.  He made everything and He’s still got it all under control.  The truth is I can trust God in everything, and He will come through… my only requirement is to obey and not to sin…e.g. worry.


Father, I need Your help.  I put everything in Your care, and I ask You to come through for me.  Please supply all we need, and please give me Your peace as I face everything that I’m facing.   Please give me the strength and stamina to run the race and fight the good fight for You.  I need You and ask for a fresh infilling of Your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] יָשַׁב, יָשׁוּב – yashab – Strongs 3427 – (v) – “inhabit/dwell/live/remain/be set/stay/be inhabited/abide/marry/establish a dwelling place/seat/crouch/meet/restore

[2] גְּרָר – Gârar – Strongs 1642 – (n . f Proper) – “Gerar, name of a town in Philistia south of Gaze, modern day Umm = ‘a lodging place’”

[3] -לְ – lâ’ – (prepositional prefix with a dagesh in the ל) – “to a/for a/about a/of a”

[4] פֶּן – pen – Strongs 6435 – “or/otherwise/else/so/otherwise you might/perhaps/lest/not/beware/so that not/might/would/not/because/might”

[5] טֹוב, טָבַב, טִבָּה, טֹובָה – towb – Strongs 2896 – (adj / n . m or f)  – “good/better/beautiful//what is good/pleasing/well/well off/pleasant/agreeable/excellent/rich/valuable/appropriate/glad/happy/prosperous/good understanding/kind/benign/a good thing/benefit/welfare/happiness/good things/moral good/bounty/pure/one/sound/splendid/sweet/upright/who are good”

[6] “of” (construct chain)

[7] אָרַך – arak – Strongs 748 – (v) – “be long/became long/become long/prolong/continue/delay/endure/lengthen/lingered/live/long/makes him slow/prolonged/prolongs/stick …. To be long/prolong [Qal] …. To prolong (days)/make long/grow long/be long/lengthen/be patient/continue long [Hifil

[8] שָׁקַף – shaqaph – Strongs 8529 – (v) – “be high in elevation/to overlook/look down/look out/lean over/look down upon/risen higher … be high in elevation.risen higher/look/be immanentto lean over nd look/look down [Nifal] … to look down/look down upon [Hifil]”

[9] צָחַק – tsachaq – Strongs 6711 – (v) – “laugh/laughed/laughing/mocking/make sport/jesting/caressing/play … to laugh [Qal] … to jest/make sport/play/toy with/mock/caress/engage in foreplay [Piel]