Leave & Cleave!

Genesis 2:23-25

23 And Adam said, “This time[1] (she’s) bone from my bone and flesh from my flesh.”  For this (living soul) he called woman, because this (soul) was taken from man.

24 According to this, a man will leave[2] his father and his mother, and he will cling[3] to his woman, and they will become one flesh… 25 And the two of them happened (to be) naked, Adam and his woman, and they weren’t ashamed.


Adam had seen all the other living things, and he had given them their names.  He could see there was nothing in them that made him one with them, and no equal to him was found among them… not even God thought it was good for the man to be alone, even though God was walking personally with the man every day.

So, when the woman came to the man, the man, Adam, said, “This time it’s different.”  i.e. “She’s not like all the other living souls.” … Animals, birds and creepy things… that Adam named.  So, Adam said, “This time she’s made from my bone, and created from my flesh.  She replaces the parts of me that were missing…”

Therefore, a man leaves his parents and clings to his wife.  Why?  Because without her, he’s still missing something.  It’s not an emotional tie… e.g. two men together are missing two ribs and whatever else was taken out, and two women are missing whatever the man brings that she doesn’t have….

However, when the man and the woman got together, there was no shame, despite being naked… and the two became one.


Father, thank you for the love that You show me.  Thank you that You have a plan for my life, and you intend to use me for Your purposes.  Please help me to respect Your word, and let Your Spirit move in such a way, in and through me, that others will flock to you.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] פַּעַם – paʿam, paʿamah – Strongs 6471 – “stroke/time/beat/foot/step/anvil/occurrence/hoof/hoof-beat/footfall/one time/time on time/now, at one time/conduct one’s life/base/foundation/pedestal”

[2] עָזַב – azab – Strongs 5800 – (v) – “reject/deserts/forsake/leave behind/free/leave/ignore/neglects/left/release/freed”

[3] דָּבַק – dabaq – Strongs 1692 – (v) – “to cling/stick/stay close/cleave/keep close/stick to/stick with/follow closely/join to/overtake/catch/to be joined together/to cause to cleave to/to pursue closely/to be made to cleave/deeply attracted/fastens its grip/held/hold fast/holding fast/joined/remained steadfast/stay/stay close/stick together/stuck”