God puts answers together that I could never work to achieve in my own strength.

Genesis 24:45-48

45 “Before I’d finished speaking to my heart, look, Rebekah came out, her jar (was) on her shoulder, and she went down to the eye (of the water… that is, the well) and drew (water). And I said to her, ‘Please give me a drink.’ 46 And she hurried, lowered her jar from above her, and she said, ‘Drink, and I will also water your camels.’ And I drank and she also made the camels drink. 47 And I asked[1] her and said, ‘Whose daughter (are) you?’  and she said, ‘The daughter of Bethuel, the son of Nahor who Milcah gave birth to for him.’  And I put a ring through[2] her nose and bracelets on her hand. 48 And I knelt down[3] and bowed down (to the ground in worship)[4] to (the Lord) Yahweh, and I blessed (The Lord) Yahweh, the God of my master Abraham who led[5] me in the way of truth.  You took the daughter of my owner and master’s brother for his son,


Abraham’s slave continued with the story of how he had prayed to Yahweh and, before he had even finished speaking to his heart, i.e. to himself, Rebekah came out with a jar on her shoulder, and was going down to the well to draw water.  The man told of how he asked Rebekah for a drink of water, and then, in exact answer to his prayer, Rebekah told him to drink and that she would also make his camels drink.

Then the slave asked Rebekah whose daughter she was, and she answered that she was Bethuel’s daughter, and that Bethuel was Nahor, Abrahams brother, and Milcah’s son.  At this, I don’t think the slave could fathom what had just happened, and he fell on his face to worship Yahweh, who had made this happen.

God puts answers together that I could never work to achieve in my own strength.  I need to learn to realise that everything is actually under control, as long as I hear God and do what God says.  Like the slave, I don’t have to understand it, I don’t even have to be that close to Him (the slave kept calling Yahweh Abraham’s God, rather than his own God).  I just have to put my prayer to Yahweh, and He will hear and He will answer.


Father, I ask you to speak to me, to open both my heart and my ears (perhaps my eyes, too) so that I know what You want me to do and then please give me the faith and courage to do what You say.  Please remove all the guilt and shame of past failure, and help me to serve You alone.  Please enable me to walk in the Pentecostal experience that radically changed not only the lives, but also the behaviour, of the apostles.  I’m Yours, Jesus.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

[1] שָׁאַל, שְׁאָלָה – shaʾal/shaʾel – “ask/asked/asking/asks/enquire/inquired/requested/pray/beg/begged/borrow/consulted/demand/demanded/questioned/as a favour/grant/make over to/give what is asked for/be borrowed/ask intently ….ask/ask for/borrow/ask a favour/enquire/enquire of/consult/seek [Qal] ….to ask for oneself/ask leave of absence [Nifal] ….to enquire/enquire carefully/beg/practice beggary [Piel] …. To be given on reqest/to grant/make over to/let one ask/give or lend on request and then mae over to [Hifil]”

[2] עַל, עַל־כֵּן, עַל־מוּת – ʿal – Strongs 5921 – (prep) – “upon/among/before/toward/against/when/during/in additions to/on the ground of/according to/on account of/on behalf of/concerning/beside/together with/beyond/above/over/notwithstanding/next/at/down upon/down from/up to/from/because that/although/under”

[3] קָדַד – qadad – Strongs 6915 – (v) – “to bow down/bow down/bow low/bowed … to bow down/knweel down/bend head toward the ground, often whilst in the kneeling position” [Qal]

[4] שָׁחָה – shachah – Strongs 7812 – (v) – “prostrate/worship/worshiped/bow down/bow/bowed/bowed in worship/did homage/lie down/homage/weighs it down/depress/prostrate oneself/fall prostrate/be despondent … to bow down/fall prostrate [Qal] … to depress/be despondent/cause to weigh down (literal meaning) [Hifil] … to bow down/bow down to the ground in worship/prostrate oneself [Hitpael]”

[5] נָחָה – nachah – Strongs 5148 – (v) – “to lead/guide/bring/brought/guided/led/left/put/stationed/create an opportunity/depend/rely on/trust in … lead/guide/enable others to move in a certain direction [Qal] …lead/guide/creat an opportunity [Hifil]