I’m called to trust God, and not to live with everything “under my control”.

Genesis  24:42-44

42 “And today[1] I came to the eye (of the water… that is, the well) and I said, ‘(Lord) Yahweh, God of my owner and master Abraham, if there is now success in my way that I’m walking upon (from) You, 43 Look, I’ll stand near the eye of the water (… that is, the well) and, it’ll be… the young woman[2] will be coming out to draw (water) and I’ll say to her, “Please give me a little water to drink from your jar.” 44 And she’ll also say to me, “Now drink, and I’ll also draw (water) for your camels.”  She is the wife that (The Lord) Yahweh has chosen[3] for the son of my owner and master.’”


Once again, Abraham’s slave portrayed the whole event to Laban… how he landed at the well and said, “Yahweh, God of my master Abraham, if You’re giving me any success in this journey, I’ll expect the following: I’ll stand here by the well, a young woman will come out to draw water, I’ll ask he for a little drink of water, and she’ll not only give me a drink, but will also offer to spend hours filling up all my camels.  When that happens, I’ll know that I’ve found a wife for my master’s son… She’ll be the one that You have chosen, God.”

I guess that Laban would have received a sense of the faith journey that Abraham’s slave had been on, and would also have caught a glimpse of the work of God in all of this scenario.

I’m called to live by faith, and not by sight.  I’m called to trust God, and not to live with everything “under my control.”   Every hair on my head is numbered by God and He knows every word I’ll say before it reaches my lips…  He also knows that for everyone else, so, why wouldn’t I hook into that rather unfair advantage?


Father, please help me to believe and to trust You in everything.  If you’ve said that You’re working everything together for good, then You’re working everything together for good.  If You’ve said You’ll supply my needs, then You’ll supply my needs.  Please keep me free from the sin of worry and fear and help my life to be fully in Your hands.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] יוֹם – yowm – Strongs 3118 – “day/days/period of time/period/daily/time/year/years/division of time/a day’s journey/today/yesterday/tomorrow/daily/days ago/each/each day/entire/eternity/every day/first/full/full year/once/perpetuallypresent/recently/reigns/some-time/usual/when/when the days/whenever/while/whole/yearly”

[2] עַלְמָה – ʿalmah – “virgin/young woman/marriageable age/maid or newly married/virgin/sexually mature female”

[3] יָכַח – yakach – Strongs 3198 – (v) – “to prove/decide/judge/rebuke/reprove/argue/correct/to reason/to convict/to argue/vindicated/rebuke/chastened/complain/accuse/choose”