Fashioned… out of dirt!

Genesis 2:21-22

21 And (The Lord) Yahweh God caused a deep sleep[1] to fall on Adam, and he slept[2], and (God) took one of his ribs[3], and shut[4] (the) flesh after it. 22 And (The Lord) Yahweh God built the rib that He took from the man into a woman, and she came to the man.


When no helper could be found for the man, God tried another very clever trick… well, everything that God does is clever; he doesn’t try, He either does or does not, and I guess they’re not tricks either.  However, it’s certainly interesting to me that God spoke the earth, the stars and the animals into existence, but he actually fashioned the man out of dirt… a bit like a potter forming clay… then God breathed life into the bloke… AMAZING, really. 

However, for the woman, he took a totally new approach.  First, he put the guy to sleep, the law of first mention for an anaesthetic procedure.  He then took something out of the man, i.e. a rib, and closed up the flesh over the missing part.  So, the woman came out of the man, and the man had something missing.  Therefore, when the woman came to the man, what was missing from the man returned to him.

God really did intend the two to become one, to the point that he left something out of the an, which was only restored to him when the woman came.  When I say that my wife complements me, with an “e,” she really does.  Something will always be missing without my rib (and whatever else God took with it) being returned.


Father, please help me to appreciate how You designed and made everything.  Please help me to live Your way, and therefore benefit from the good intentions that You had toward people when You designed and made them.  Thank you that You love us, and please help me to love You and glorify Your name.
In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] תַּרְדֵּמָה – tardemah – Strongs 8369 – (n . f) – “deep sleep/sound sleep/supernaturally induced state of very heavy sleep/lethargy/listlessness/trance”

[2] יָשֵׁן – yashen – Strongs 3462 – (v) – “sleep/fall asleep/slept/who sleep/who fall asleep/be asleep/remain a long time/to be festering/cause to sleep/pertaining to a long time/old/sleeping/asleep/smolders”

[3] צֵלָע – tselaʿ, tsalʿah – Strongs 6763 – “side/side-chamber/rib/beam/cell/plank/board/leaves/walls/side room/door leaf/Zela, or Zelah, name of a town in Benjamin = ‘a rib’”

[4] סָגוּר, סָגַר, סָגָר – cagar – Strongs 5462 – (v) – “to shut/close/close up/closely joined/shut up/to be shut or closed/deliver up/imprison/cause isolation/confined”