What is most important in my life? … filling my pockets, of fulfilling God’s charge?

Genesis 24:31-33

31 And (Laban) said, “Come in, blessed (one of The Lord) Yahweh!  Why are you standing outside?  I, I’ve prepared[1] the house and a place for the camels. 32 And the man went into the house, set the camels loose[2], and he gave straw and feed for the camels, and water for his feet and the feet of the men that (were) with him. 33 And he put food before him, but he said, “I won’t eat until I speak the words (I need to say).” and (Laban) said, “Speak[3].”


It’s hard for me to distinguish been Middle Eastern hospitality and culture and what is out of the ordinary in this setting.  Obviously, the girl coming to the well and offering to water the camels as well as giving Abraham’s slave a drink was going way beyond hospitality… but, with Laban, I wonder if it was harder for him… and the ring and the bracelets swayed him.  Whichever way, Laban called the slave “blessed of Yahweh,” invited him in, fed and watered his camels, gave him water to wash his feet and those of his men, and set food before him… pretty good hospitality for someone you’ve never met, in my books.

Then the slave basically said to Laban, “Thanks for the food, but I can’t eat until I tell you why I’m here.”  Fulfilling Abraham’s charge was more important than filling his stomach after a long trek.

What is most important in my life?  … filling my pockets, of fulfilling God’s charge?  I’m here to worship Yahweh, and neither to worship anything else or to be worshipped.  That being the case, am I sold out to God’s purposes, or do I worry more about me and the things that affect me?


Father, please help me to remember that You are God, that I’m here to serve and worship You, and that nothing else in this world matters at all.  Even the work I do is meant to be service to you and worship of You… Please help others to see You in me and for them to also turn to You.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

[1] פֹּונֶה, פָּנָה – panah – Strongs 6437 – “to turn/turn toward or away from/turn and do/turn and look/turn/make a turn/show signs of turning/decline/look back/prepare/befaced/look at/notice/approach/put out of the way/make clear/clear away … turn toward or awy from/to turn and do/to turn/decline (of day)/to turn toward/approach (of evening)/to turn and look/look/look back/lok at/look after/look for [Qal] … to turn away/put out of the way/make clear/clear away [Piel] … to turn/make a turn/show signs of turning/turn back [Hiphil] … to be turned back [Hufal]”

[2] פָּתַח – pathach- Strongs 6605 – (v)  – “allow/break forth/deprive/drawn/express/free/free oneself/respond/draw out/happen/flow/loose/open/release/set free/take of/undone/unguarded/unloaded/unstopped/unvented/engrave/be engraved/carve …. Open/hear/respond/let go/loosen/draw out/happen/poured on/released/be generous/be open handed/flow [Qal] … opened/reach out/unsealed/opened/see/unsealed [Qal passive participle] to be opened/be let loose/be thrown open [Nifal] …. to free/to loosen/to open/open oneself/to engrave/carve/unfasten/unstring/take off/break up [Piel] … to be engraved [Pual] …. To be engraved [Pual participle] …to loose oneself/to carve/engrave [Hitpael]”

[3] דָּבַר– dabarStrongs 1696 – (v) – “speak/spoke/spoken/tell/say/talk together/speak from between or inside/converse/command/spoke/declared/commanded/promised/warn/to speak/depart/leave an area/subdue/to conquer/have descendants/put to flight/be spoken/discuss/tell/threatened/talking/told/meant/named/depart/leave an area/kill/destroy/subdue/conquer and control”